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Our original Elite Contributors: Nancy Flagg

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Have you forgotten your New Year’s resolution yet? They can be tough to stick to, so let’s do this together.

Part of The Sacramento Press’s New Year’s resolution involved new contributor rankings. Earlier this week we put the spotlight on arts-enthusiast Barry Wisdom. Today it’s Nancy Flagg’s time to shine, and we couldn’t be more proud to call her one of our Elite Contributors.

Nancy has a passion for local business that she channels into her monthly column, Locally Owned, which profiles local establishments and their owners. She is always quick to cover heartwarming community stories as well, and her passion for the Sacramento region shines through in her work on our site.

SP: How long have you been with The Sacramento Press?
NF: Since 2010

SP: How did you get started with The Sac Press?
NF: Photographer Kati Garner started the fire.

SP: What issues do you most enjoy covering, and why?
NF: Smaller feel-good community events, especially ones where people are being creative or are doing something together that brings out the best in folks. I also love interviewing local business owners and finding out why they chose the path they did.

SP: What is the most memorable experience you’ve had covering something for The Sacramento Press?
NF: They’re all memorable!

SP: What do you enjoy about being a citizen journalist?
NF: Being an integral part of the fabric of the community, getting to meet people and be part of events that I otherwise would never have met or done, and giving folks a chance to tell their story.

Find Nancy’s column, Locally Owned, here or peruse her body of work by visiting her profile.  

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