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A Fashion Affair at the Citizen Hotel

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Model Amanda Christensen showcasing a Niv Elliot design

The elegance of the Citizen Hotel was a great setting for Sacramento Fashion Week’s “Fashion Affair” event. The gathering held on Thursday, Jan. 17 gave designers, models, hair, makeup and other fashion professionals the opportunity to socialize and network.

As Sacramento Fashion Week draws nearer designers for the event are introduced. Talent Coordinator of Sacramento Fashion Week Simone Vianna pointed out a couple of the designers at the event.

Sacramento Fashion Week Talent Coordinators Simone Vianna and David Alcarez

Monica Buo and Clifton Simmons sat at a table enjoying the event. I sat with both of them to get their thoughts on being involved in Sacramento Fashion Week.

Buo and Simmons met while attending the International Academy of Design & Technology (IADT). Buo shared how they met saying, “We had a couple of classes together. From there a connection evolved. He’s like my other half.”

Both designers are working toward a B.A. in Fashion Design and Merchandizing. Buo sees herself as a student trying to build her own business. “We both have like a little business established already. I’m the founder of Buo-tiful Designs. What we do is w omen’s wear, I’m doing juniors right now and trying to build up my clientele” said Buo.

Clifton Simmons and Monica Buo

When asked for their thoughts about the process that they’ve gone through during the Sacramento Fashion Week Buo stated, “I think that it’s a really good opportunity to be in this show. I know it’s opened up the door for other designers who have participated and I’m really excited. I think they’re doing a really good job of bringing people in for this event.”

Buo and Simmons will be showing on March 1.

Buo has established a WordPress blog called Buo-tiful Designs while Simmons has his own site Terrell Sim Fashion as well as another site called Silk Ties and Lace Pantyhose. Simmons stated that the silk ties and Lace Pantyhose started off as just a hobby and has grown to be much more.

In response to what inspired them Buo said, “I was 14 when I thought about being a designer. My grandmother taught me how to sew and by then I thought it was really amazing so when I started sewing I started becoming really inspired. When I went to high school I started to take every fashion course that was available and then I started going to college and went to school to study fashion.”

“I started in 2010  making clothing for friends and family,” said Simmons. He continuedm “I’ve always been altering and doing costumes because I’m a dancer so that inspired me. Actually I realized my gifts and I just started sewing and it just came out. I started out wanting to study Criminal Justice and switched to fashion. I wear a lot of different hats and try to stay diversified.”

Both designers are looking forward to the event and keep busy being involved in different projects.

Another designer, Niv Elliot, who will also be participating during Sacramento Fashion Week brought one of her designs. Model Amanda Christensen wore a ravishing Elliot design to the event soliciting wonderful compliments throughout the evening.

Amanda Christensen and Niv Elliot at a Fashion Affair

Not all designers have been announced and most models still wait in anticipation to find out if they will be modeling and for which designer. Announcements will be shared at the Sacramento Fashion Week website.

Sacramento Fashion Week interns

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