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Bucket List: A microcar pilgrimage (Photos)

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In the aftermath of WWII in Europe, with materials in short supply, full-size cars were out of reach for many and several manufacturers built smaller vehicles including the famous Isetta and Messerschmitt "bubblecars." These were followed by small cars that could seat four adults despite their still diminutive size, such as the original FIAT 500 (and its many derivatives) and the Austin and Morris Mini twins.

The largest collection of these "microcars" has been housed in picturesque Madison, Georgia – and over the weekend I crossed an item off my "bucket list" with a brief visit, prior to the museum’s closure at the end of this month. Car lovers everywhere now have a chance to own these vehicles as the entire collection goes on the auction block in mid-February, including 200 cars, memorabilia, toys, and accessories.

For more information on the collection and the auction, visit www.microcarmuseum.com.

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Tony is a Professor at Sacramento State, Co-Director of the Sacramento Film & Music Festival and a long-time writer, primarily on topics related to film and the film industry. He is an active supporter of the local arts community, an amateur photographer, and has an interest in architecture and urban planning topics. He is currently designing a 595 sq.ft. house on a very small infill lot in Sacramento.


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