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UPDATE: Three teens arrested after mass brawl in the Arden Fair Mall food court

Sacramento Police Public Information Officer Dough Morse explains what happen during a disturbance at the Arden Fair Mall on Wednesday, Dec. 26:

Update: Arden Fair back open after teens start huge ruckus in food court

Storified by The Sacramento Press· Thu, Dec 27 2012 07:48:50

Three teens were arrested yesterday at the Arden Fair Mall after a mass brawl involving a group of about 20 juveniles who were caught on camera throwing signs and pushing people in the food court, according to the Sacramento Police Department.  The incident caused a mass exodus from the mall as panicked customers mistook the sound of chairs and other objects hitting the ground for gunshots. 

Here’s what Public Information Officer Dough Morse told us:

– Police believe that there was no guns involved and that reports of a gunman or gunfire were unfounded. 

-Three teens have been detained and about 20 were involved. They were caught on camera fighting, pushing people, throwing signs and in general "causing a disturbance."

– The incident was captured by mall surveillance cameras.

– The altercation started around 4:49 p.m. and police arrived within minutes. Morse indicated that the partnership the mall has with the department helped facilitate the quick response.  

Listen to the full audio statement from Morse above for more details.  

The incident was quickly trending on Twitter, as shoppers began posting messages about a "lockdown" and shots fired. Sacramento police were quick to dispel the rumors: 
Arden Mall is open to the public, reports of shooting and or subject with a gun are unfounded.Sacramento Police
Large physical altercation at Arden Fair Mall, unfounded reports of gunfire, pd assisting with the disturbance.Sacramento Police
While some shoppers twitted that they heard gunshots, one witness said he thought it was the sound of chairs falling – the conclusion the police said was supported the the video.
At Arden Mall and saw a fight began. Somehow that led to everyone running saying there was a shooting. Chairs falling down is not a gun shotIsaac Gardon
The helicopter and dozens of cop cars really aren’t calming people. It’s shocking how panicked people are based on hearsay.Isaac Gardon
Officers arrived in force and a helicopter circled overhead, frightening some shoppers. 
At least 2 dozen patrol cars have converged on the mall.Kevin Oliver
People in the mall fighting and had guns. Fucking crazy. Cops showed up with rifles and helicopters flying over. Me and @mariela650 had to run out the mall with everyone elsecarranza27
Sacramento police just said there was no shooting. The police officers were running through with ak-47s, helicopters were there within minSunshine✨✨
Police briefly closed off the area and the mass exodus caused a traffic jam. People stuck inside  the parking lot turned to social media to vent their frustrations. 
I don’t think anyone understands how scary that was though.Talia Kaczmarek
I’m stuck in the Arden mall parking lot–we’re never gonna be able to leave from hereAileen ✞
I’m not going to the mall. People started running out the moment we parked saying there was a shootout: heart goes out to any individuals harmed:( #where #is #this #world #goingjazminep123
I pray everyone is ok, dear God thank you for getting us out the mall safe and soundSunshine✨✨
The story had a happy ending for at least one shopper. 
Yay ! I got my boots.Adrienne Hammy

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