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Phono Select record store in Midtown looking for a new location

“Phono Select will be moving to a new location” reads the sign in the front window of the independent music record shop. Owners Dal Basi and Nich Lujan are in negotiations to move into a new building space by February of 2013.

Since 2010, when they first opened at 2312 K St., rent has increased. Now, the two are looking for a better place with a better rate.

“We have a couple of leads,” Basi said. “We’re in negotiations with a couple of people.”

The building changed hands over the summer, just as  Basi and Lujan were in the process of negotiating a new lease. While the new owners were not willing to lower the rent, they have allowed Phono Select to rent month-to-month since  July. 

Basi said that the new owners have not been “mean about it,” but the cost of the rent is just too much for the type of business he and Lujan do.

They hope to find a new space soon, and intend to stay in Midtown. Ideally, he said, they would move to a 1,600 to 2,000 square foot building, as opposed to their current 1,200 square foot building, and have additional space for parking.

“We’re looking at the possibility of a collaborative space,” Basi said. “It seems to work well for people who collaborate and try and keep near similar things.”

The parking issue could be key. Where Phono Select is currently located on K Street,  there are limited spaces and a two hour time restriction – not an ideal scenario for customers who want to browse.

“People need thirty minutes to an hour here,” Basi said. “There is a lot of interaction, and everybody is talking. We would like to get a bigger building, with more space so that people can take their time here.”

In addition to the extra room for parking, the additional building space would allow Basi and Lujan to bring out more of their merchandise.

“A lot of stuff sits in boxes in the back, or in storage units,” Basi said. “Browsing makes it worthwhile, makes the store feel like a community, so we could provide customers with more to look at.”

Basi said that while the uncertainty of their current situation can be a challenge, he tries to stay positive.

“Anytime someone comes in, and they ask us about the situation, they’re always encouraging. It helps keep spirits up. Sacramento people are nice, supportive and really cool. There’s a lot of heart in this city.”


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