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Kwanzaa in the California State Capitol, Freedom’s Eve Celebration

Kwanzaa in the California State Capitol, Freedom's Eve Celebration

Our “California Grown” international holiday seeks to share a broader perspective of Kwanzaa throughout the world.

California remains one of the world’s leading Agriculture region.  The past, present and future contributions of Black Farmers and Agriculturalists remains a 365 day avocation utilizing the principles and symbols of Kwanzaa.  Our ancient future, role and responsibility is seen today in the source documentation from Ancient African Civilization harvest festivals.

USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, is slowly breaking down cultural barriers globally, "at America’s Last Plantation," our United States Department of Agriculture truly is undergoing a cultural transformation and “A New Day at the USDA” is on the horizon.  People of African ancestry are contributing throughout the world in a slow and steady good crop of equity and equal opportunity.

Nationally, Black Agriculture producers should be declared an endangered species and receive the appropriate governmental protection and support.  The 2012 Census of Agriculture will quantify every producer, a complete count is essential for many, many reasons especially the growth and development of ‘New Farmers in America.’

When our US Senate and House Agriculture Committees reconvene in the 113th Congress after the Kwanzaa Holiday, new US Farm Policy may for the first time in U.S. History, provide specific opportunities to remedy specific historical challenges unique to people of African ancestry recognizing our historic, current and future contributions to U.S. agriculture production. 

Job creation, career advancement and community economic development utilizing conventional and urban agriculture specialty crop production will continue to open up new opportunities for product diversity of African, South American and Caribbean ethnic products to reach the global marketplace.

In California, Black Farmers and Agriculturalist are growing, back from a near extinction, rising from less than 1/3 of 1% of all farmers in California.  Seeking legislative action, judicial review and executive direction, 2012 Kwanzaa in the California State Capitol remains a bright flickering light in the midst of darkness where tangible “first fruits of an actual harvest” is beyond cognition, yet the reason for the 7 day celebration created by a wonderful memory from an ole Maryland chicken farm in historical context.

California is named after an African Queen Califia. The African Founding Father of California created Agriculture Export in California; his steam vessel is seen on our California State Seal.  The floors within the California State Capitol reflect the colors of Kwanzaa, red, black and green for a reason.

One standard for all humanity is the vision of our Kuumba celebration, December 31, 2012, Freedom’s Eve, 150th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, Noon, California State Capitol, 10th and Capitol Mall Drive, Sacramento, CA.

Yes, we as a nation have come a long way and indeed we have a long way to go… if providing basic healthy food security for people of African ancestry globally is the more perfect “Umoja” we seek for our families, community, nation and human race.

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