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Facebook fail? Kupros Bistro fights discrimination accusations online

Facebook fail? Kupros Bistro fights discrimination accusations online

Storified by The Sacramento Press · Mon, Dec 17 2012 19:25:07

A midtown restaurant has found itself in a social media clusterflop, fighting accusations on Facebook that it fired a pregnant woman.

Kupros Bistro, at 1217 21st Street, recently fired off a Facebook post (since taken down) aiming to set the record straight about a former employee:

For the record, Shawna Arrington was not fired at all. It was clearly understood between her and management before she went on a 10 day vacation, a month ago, that she would transistion out of a demanding night schedule into a lighter day schedule. We were looking out for her best interest and it would be completely irresponsible to have her continue working late nights. Obviously, she would be at a potential health risk at this stage of her pregnancy. She was given her schedule with the same amount of hours this morning and decided not to take it. She walked out plain and simple!
As several readers have pointed out, that post was preceded by another one that appeared to have been written by Arrington while she was using the company’s Facebook page. It read:

"To all those I have had the pleasure to meet in the last 2 and a half years: Steve, the owner no longer feels it is appropriate to have a women expecting to work in his establishment so he has let me go. I wish all you wonderful regulars the best and will miss you :)"
Kupros, or whoever was operating their Facebook page, removed the first post (but not before it was
captured in a screen shot) , and replaced it with the second post, before ultimately deleting that one as well. 

The second post set off a flurry of responses, some calling the establishment unprofessional for posting such personnel issues on Facebook, and others coming to the defense of the former bartender.
This seems inappropriate to post on facebook, especially with such a tone. Also, with a former employee’s full name… also stating her pregnancy. If a public statement must be issued I highly suggest finding someone who can write a solid press release without these insensitivities. Pregnancy discrimination can be cited in title 7 of the civil rights act, if the said employee felt that her hours were changed without her knowledge because of her pregnancy it can be interpreted as discrimination in court.Amador Jaojoco
Embarrassing behavior once again from you guys. Worker disputes don’t belong on Facebook-have some self respect and maturity. One more reason I won’t patronage your business.Carmen Marie Hirkala
And seriously, who the HELL do you think you are speaking to what is healthy or dangerous about this woman’s pregnancy.Christine Dugger

“A post like this is unprofessional,” wrote Stephanie Birch Molina. “While the employee may have posted on here earlier, it doesn’t look good to retaliate with her personal information.”  

Attempts to reach Arrington were unsuccessful. A staff member at Kupros indicated that the owner was busy taking calls from media, but would get back to us soon. 

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