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Bicycle theft spree hits Midtown

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It should come as no surprise that Midtown is a hot spot for bicycle theft, but the area may be seeing more than its typical share, reports ranSACked Media.

"If Facebook is any indication, everyone’s bike in Midtown either was just stolen or is about to be," the story states.

Over the past three days, three bicycles of ranSACked Media’s editor Isaac Gonzalez’s friends were stolen, he wrote.

One of the victims posted on Facebook that his bike was stolen Wednesday right in front of the downtown 24-Hour Fitness in broad daylight, though it was locked up. He blamed people on drugs. "Tweakers are gonna tweak…if you see anyone riding it beat them down and take it…it is not theirs!"

A request for bicycle theft statistics from the Sacramento Police Department, made three weeks ago, hasn’t been answered, however the police recognize the severity of the issue. In a video produced by the SPD (below), a bicycle officer suggests using two locks – a U-lock and a cable lock – to secure one’s property.

"Lock it up or take it with you, and also be aware of other things that are easily removed from your bicycle," Officer Gus Johnson said.  

Bikes aren’t just being stolen from racks, however. Edible Pedal owner John Boyer was recently a victim of theft, when a man took a bike from his shop for a test ride and never came back. 

"It’s such a painful experinece to have your bike stolen," he said. "Bikes are the easiest thing to steal without any ramifications. To me, this is a symptom of the drug problem in this country." 

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