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Live today: Ash Roughani on CivicMeet Sacramento

CivicMeet Sacramento

Imagine meetings in which teachers, doctors, business professionals and politicians alike get together to discuss and plan new projects to improve life in the Sacramento region. It may sound like a pipe dream, but it’s Ash Roughani’s reality.

Roughani, chief evangelist for the nonprofit startup Public Innovation, hosted the first CivicMeet Sacramento Tuesday night. CivicMeet Sacramento, started by the nonprofit Public Innovation, is a monthly gathering where people can brainstorm ideas on ways to improve areas in government and nonprofits.

We’ll be hosting a live chat with Roughani here at 2:30 p.m. Post any questions or comments you have for Roughani here.“We can choose to allow government to be a drag on our growth or we can use it as an asset to help our region grow,” the Public Innovation’s website stated. “If the Sacramento region wants to innovate its way into the future, the public sector must be part of that transformation.”

In each meeting, five teams develop innovative proposals to address unmet public needs in less than 45 minutes.


Also during the live chat,  will also be announcing the winner of the Run To Feed The Hungry mini iPad contest.

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