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Police: Suspect in hostage standoff threatened to kill child

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Police released a near play-by-play account of Saturday, Dec. 8’s hostage standoff at a Jack in the Box that ultimately ended the suspect’s life, including details that he grabbed an 11-year-old girl by the hair and threatened to kill her and her father.

There is no known motive for the suspect, 26-year-old Xang Khang of Sacramento, who died after being shot by Sacramento Police Department SWAT team members. 

"The main focal point in this terrifying situation, is that no hostages were injured," SPD Spokeswoman Michelle Gigante said. "No officers or deputies were injured, and no community members were injured. Safety for the community was paramount." 

According to the SPD’s new release: 

– The suspect grabbed an 11-year-old girl by the hair while pointing a handgun at her father, threatening to kill them both. He then released the girl and ordered her father to the front counter. Once there, the suspect walked toward the kitchen area, at which time the father and his family ran out of the restaurant. 

– There were about eight other customers and employees inside the restaurant when the suspect entered; however, they fled and were unharmed.

– The suspect had the opportunity to steal money from the restaurant and flee prior to police officers’ arrival; however, he chose not to. "Since no money was taken during the incident, the suspect made no effort to flee the restaurant, and he is now deceased, the suspect’s true motives for this incident is unknown." 

– Two employees were temporarily confined in a storage room by the suspect. While locked inside, one of the employee hostages used her cell phone to call her family and report the incident. The gunman could be heard saying he would kill the hostages if the police came in after him. 

– The suspect was extremely hostile, unpredictable and violent, even striking one of the hostages several times. 

– Hostage negotiators made phone contact with the suspect and tried to negotiate his peaceful surrender. 

– The hostages saw him smoking what appeared to be narcotics throughout the ordeal. Police would not specify the substance the suspect was seen smoking. 

– It was determined that deadly force may be used to save the hostages, "based on the suspect’s violent actions, his threats to the hostages and his refusal to exit the restaurant peacefully." 

– "The suspect used the last remaining hostage as a human shield and moved her into the bathroom with him."

– "When an opportunity presented itself, and the suspect separated from the hostage, the SWAT team had an opportunity to end the standoff." Several SWAT team members shot the suspect using their rifles. Immediately following the shots, more SWAT team members entered to rescue the hostage and provide aid to the suspect, who died later at the hospital. When he was moved, SWAT team officers found a handgun beneath him.

– Six SWAT team members are on paid administrative leave as a result of the incident, which is standard protocol for officers involved in such shooting incidents. 

– The Sacramento Police Department’s Homicide, CSI, County Crime Lab and Internal Affairs Units are conducting investigations into this incident. Additionally, the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office and the City of Sacramento’s Office of Public Safety Accountability are conducting separate investigations into this incident.

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