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A long ride on the road to success, WhoRide?

Money Mike, B.K. and JSi

Hard work, dedication, and perseverance is no easy ride, but it eventually pays off. A group of local artists who call themselves WhoRide knows first-hand that making it big isn’t something that happens over night.

Four friends from Roseville who came together on a series of coincidences are no strangers to late night recording sessions in their garage turned recording studio. With limited budgets, full-time jobs, and other responsibilities, it is truly a testimony to their passion for music that has brought them this far.

WhoRide will perform on stage Sunday, December 16 for their fifth time at Ace of Spades in Downtown Sacramento. They will be opening for Snoop Dogg, the famed rapper, for a crowd of about 1,200 fans, which is to be their largest sell-out so far.

It all began five years ago, after Michael “Money Mike” Carlson, artist and producer, moved back to California from Hawaii and started working at a local restaurant where he met Brandon “B.K.” Kelley, fellow group member. From there, Carlson was introduced to Justin “JSi” Silas, Gerald “G Money” Miguel, and Stephen “Burn” Jackson and together they began making music.

WhoRide, who describes their music as hip-hop, reggae, club and underground with a mainstream sound, says they like to be “well-rounded.”

While for now, they earn only a small fraction from ticket sales for each show, for “Money Mike” making music is about more than just money.

“Of course everybody wants to be rich and famous, but I would be okay with just being comfortable,” says Carlson. “I do it because I love the music and because I like hearing that other people also enjoy listening to it.”

WhoRide, who can be spotted at local bars competing in Beer Pong Competitions, released their first music video earlier this year. It was appropriately titled, “Balls Back” (Beer Pong Song), featuring C-Smoove of Cali Swag District. They have come a long way over the course of four years.

“I would describe it as a lot of patience, a lot of waiting and a lot of hard work,” says Carlson. “It’s been exciting.”

As for what’s to come, “The sky’s the limit,” he says.

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