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Live chat at 2 p.m.: Breaking down the District 4 vote

The race for the District 4 seat on the Sacramento City Council was at times billed as the Land Park (Joe Yee) candidate versus the central city candidate (Steve Hansen), but it turns out the district’s redheaded stepchild – River Oaks – was more important than many people realized.

That’s the conclusion Sacramento Current blogger Devin Lavelle reached in his smart post breaking down the vote. With Land Park and the central city essentially canceling each other out, River Oaks served as the tie breaker, or as Lavelle calls it, the "Ohio of District 4," and it tilted slightly in Hansen’s favor. While it made up 10 percent of the total vote, Hansen’s 4 percent advantage in River Oaks added 83 votes to his slender 160 vote lead. As of the last update on Thursday, Hansen now has 10,715 votes to Yee’s 10,555. It’s undetermined when the final vote tally will be finished, and the county has 28 days from the date of the election to produce a winner.

We’ll have Lavelle on for a live chat today at 2 p.m. to discuss the vote breakdown in District 4, how it happened and what it could mean for the future elections. Spoiler alert: River Oaks folks can look forward to a lot of candidate face time in the years ahead.

[The live stream will be broadcast here at 2 p.m. We’ll also have the latest tally when it’s released sometime after 3 p.m. Post any questions or comments in the conversation below this article.]

The map below breaks down the vote totals by precinct so far. The election is still up for grabs – the 31,000 provisional ballots could easily still sway it in Yee’s favor, but this is what the current stats show for the ballots cast by mail and at the polling place: 

Green indicates that Yee got more votes in the precinct, while teal shows that Hansen performed better. Click on each precinct to see exact breakdown. 

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