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The Spartan Race is no place for Wimps.

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On Saturday hundreds gathered in the rain and mud to test their physical ability in their attempt to conquer the beast. The Beast is a 12 plus mile course packed full of mud, hills and spills.

If a single statement could describe the Spartan Race. It would be that "This is Not  For Wimps." The Sacramento Spartan Race is a marathon on steroids designed to test the wills of area contestants..

Only a Few make it. Sacramento Spartan Race.
Spartan Growling through the course and pushing for worse.

Hosted at the Van Vleck ranch on highway 16.  Better known for its off road recreational opportunities. Saturday parts of  the ranch was shut down. The cows were moved out. The arena transformation was set and waiting for the Sacramento area’s beasts. To top off the ambience of the event there was intermittent rain through out the morning leading into the afternoon.

Team work in all aspects.
U.S. Military Spartans getting ready to take the course in full gear.
Getting ready to race.
Spartan Rising above the crowd.

Voted "best obstacle race series" by Outside magazine. The Spartan Race is a race against the clock. Its also a race against yourself. Of course It’s not for everyone, you can either get hurt or pull yourself out. Many dont make it to the end, but those that do cross the finish line have the bragging rights.

“Team work,” the only way to make it past certain obstacles.
Spartan couple enjoying the race.
Ninja Spartan chopping the competition up.
The Beast Has been tamed.

They can say that they ran along side of members of the U.S. military and law enforcement community. They can say that they stuck right there with them. To those that finished,  "You are True Spartans. It takes a true Spartan to tackle a Beast."


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