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Yoga in the Vineyard ~ Celebrating food, wine and healthy living

The Sacramento region is the self-proclaimed "National Farm to Fork Capitol."  Together, we can highlight the cultural and ethnic diversity of our bountiful region.  The universal practice of yoga provides an ancient methodology to help us celebrate the journey.

Healthy living begins with a clean environment that includes water, soil, air and good food. The Central Valley of California is the "Greatest Garden in the World," a God-given bounty, through hard labor, from our unique regional climate utilizing innovative agriculture research and development.

Yoga in the Vineyard our ongoing celebration of food, wine and healthy living.  The Parable of the Vineyard in the Holy Bible is our example to consider during an ongoing challenge of inclusion and equal opportunity.  Matthew 20 teaches a lesson about yoga in the vineyard. 

Allison Boyd, a certified yoga instructor and registered dietician continues her quest to bring greater access to healthy living to the community.  In the midst of the "Greatest Garden in the World" we have hunger and diet-related disease that can be addressed by a renewed focus on inclusion, from the farm to the fork.

A healthy balance of conventional rural agriculture and organic urban agriculture, including food production within the urban service boundary throughout the Sacramento region, can provide healthy solutions to close a growing gap of food insecurity in the midst of a plentiful bounty.  "Farm to Fork" can stimulate job creation, career advancement and economic development.

If the notion of a "boutique farm" and "cultural fork" recognizes the unique light within each person in our diverse community, then the yoga community has much to offer the California Central Valley to bridge the gap toward achieving healthy living.

Yoga in the Vineyard at Watts Winery, Lodi California will bring together California agriculture, culinary art, the art of wine-making.

Executive Chef Tony Turner will uniquely prepare hor d’oeurves and regional specialty foods that emphasize fall flavors complementing the featured innovative Watts Wines.  Local "boutique farms" can provide both community food security and high culture culinary excellence.

Healthy Living for all residents throughout the California Central Valley is the goal of expanding the notion of "Farm to Fork" to mirror the universal practice of yoga to guide us to where we say we want to be.

Join us at Yoga in the Vineyard, Watt Winery,17036 North Locust Tree Road, Lodi, California on Saturday, November 10, 2012, 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm and experience award-winning examples of the best of the California Central Valley, representing food, wine and healthy living.





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