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Grimm Fairytales Halloween at Fairytale Town

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Too bad if you missed the Grimm Halloween at Fairytale Town this past weekend. Slated as this year’s ‘safe and super halloween’ It was the perfect family event with 17 candy stations, hands on activities, the Evil Queen’s Lair, a costume parade and a heck of a lot more stuff.

"It’s our biggest production of the year," said Sharlene Lal-Hernandez, Education & Program Manager. "It’s three nights. We change the theme each year based on a literary novel. We chose Grimm Brothers’ Fairytales for this year’s theme."

She said this is the "26th anniversary of Fairytale Town’s Safe and Super Halloween which provides children and families a safe place to trick or treat, have quality family time and enjoy a great evening of Halloween-themed, family-friendly fun."

There were a lot of people there Saturday night and they were all having a good time:

A little girl slides down Mother Goose.
A scarey looking trick or treater.
In Cinderella’s coach.
A vampire takes control of Cinderella’s coach.
A lost duckling.
Sliding down the Old Woman’s Shoe.
Little Red Riding Hood and Grandma (the wolf).
Beginning the Crooked Mile.
A couple of dressed-up characters.
Spiderman has arrived!
Playing on the foot of the giant of Jack and the Beanstalk.
The ‘Man in the Mirror’ helped with people having their photos taken.
A young pirate steers the ship.
Well dressed for Halloween.


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