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Local Art Evaluations at the Crocker: Photos

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The Art Service Group(ASG) of the Crocker Art Museum hosts monthly appraisal days for the public to have art pieces evaluated. This month’s focus was on painting and sculpture. The service is provided for $10.00 per piece and the monies are donated to the Crocker Art Museum.

What follows are photographs showing the appraisers examining the pieces for the item’s artist, authenticity, and value.

Karen Alkon and Sylvia Fitzgerald refer to auction books and online data sources in their search for an item’s specifics. 

 Sylvia Fitzgerald consults with Karen about an item’s dimensions.

Often a painting will come with reference data on the back and, as in this case, information sandwiched between the painting and the back cover.


 This painting of a 5 masted steam ship included a full schematic of the ship in between the painting and the backgound.


 An authentic painting, this would go for a few thousand dollars at auction.


Sylvia looks up the reference information on this bear. 


 Item defects such as the missing ear and to a lesser extent repairs made to the foot of the bear will reduce the item’s value.


 This bronze, in perfect condition, was determined to be exceptionally unique and worth several thousand dollars.



Sylvia examines this cider stein for specifics regarding the figure painted on the front.

The stein was manufactured by the Lenox Company and includes a unique artist signed painting on the front. It was thought that this was  part of a set that included matching cider mugs.

 This vase shown above was thought to be a mediocre knock off and of little value.

However, this husband and wife were pleasantly surprised by the value of this painting of a stallion. Only under magnification could one make out the artist’s signature.

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