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Citizen Oversight Committee for Measure U

City Council will consider a proposal Tuesday for a committee that would oversee any funds the city collects if Measure U, a proposed half-cent increase in sales tax, is approved by voters in the upcoming November election.

If approved, Measure U is expected to generate about $28 million per year, and the funds will be put into the city’s general fund to be used for things such as police and fire services, public safety, park maintenance and youth services.

The proposal that City Manager John Shirey will present to the council Tuesday calls for the committee to have five members, with specific requirements for each seat.

“Four out of the five seats require people with specific backgrounds and experience,” said Stephanie Mizuno, assistant city clerk.

Each seat represents a different interest that will be affected by increased sales tax.

  • A public accountant with audit experience
  • A representative for business interests
  • A member from a neighborhood association
  • A representative of a bona-fide taxpayer organization
  • A member of the community at large

“I think that having a representative from a neighborhood association will increase accountability. It assures an independent view coming in and also a person that offers a neighborhood perspective,” said Sondra Bentancourt, from the Ben Ali Neighborhood Association in District 2.

Committee members will be expected to serve two-year terms and cannot be current city of Sacramento employees or council members. The city’s Personal and Public Employee Committee (P&PE) will be responsible for interviewing and nominating candidates. Based on the P&PE’s recommendations, the City Council will appoint the committee members.

The committee will have to review the city’s annual independent audit report. Additionally, it will be required to present a written report at City Council meetings stating:

  • The amount of revenue generated by Measure U
  • What programs and services are being funded by Measure U and how the funds are being distributed
  • The review of the city’s annual independent audit report and how that relates to the use of Measure U funds

The full report regarding the committee guidelines can be found here.

What do you think about this? How will this help Measure U be more effective if passed? 

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