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WAKA Player of the Week: Matt Phillips

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It’s hard to get to know everyone who is lacing up their cleats, pulling up their tube socks, and gearing up for their kickball games with hundreds of players doing so on a weekly basis! So our local World Adult Kickball Association (WAKA) league is shining the spotlight on a different player each week so you can get to know the fun-loving people in your community who re-live the playground glory days of recess on a weekly basis here in Sacramento.

This week: Matt Phillips

Do not be confused by the back to back "Matt’s" -unlike last week’s seasoned veteran, this week’s Hall of Famer is fairly new to the league.

Stats and Mini-Bio:

Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA

Current Neighborhood: Sacramento (Natomas)

Occupation: Accountant – CPA

Relationship Status: Single

Kicking Foot: Lefty

Age: 31


Kickball Seasons:

Fall 2009 – No Talent A$$ Clowns – Orange

Fall 2012 – Kick it and Quit it – Orange (again)


Fun Fact: "I won the school mental math bee in 5th grade and spelling bee in 6th grade (nerd alert!)"

Interesting Fact:  "I hiked half dome at the ripe, old age of 30 – and lived to tell about it."

Random Fact: "I didn’t know how to blow a bubble until the bus ride down to Sausalito for my junior prom in high school."


Expert advice from a born-again rookie:

On the field: "You’ll be liked much more if you buy everyone a beer."

Off the field: "You’ll be liked much more if you buy everyone 2 beers." 

Despite his advice, Matt hasn’t had to buy any beers yet to be well-liked in the league with his easy-going and witty personality.

This week we have a "born-again rookie", returning from a 3 year hiatus following his kickball debut in Fall of 2009. Matt just could not stay away from the game- in fact, he met some people and says he "recruited himself."

His confidence was of course not to be denied, and he was quickly scooped up by one of the long-running teams, which was no surprise to him either: "Well, I’m kind of a big deal. I am a dual-threat both kicking and fielding. Plus, my lack of knowledge regarding the most basic rules of kickball allows me to argue (convincingly) so that the outcome is always in favor of my team."

Perhaps the new host bar added some extra incentive for Matt to come out of his kickball retirement: "Favorite moment thus far would have to be splitting the 5-pound hamburger at Republic with my team." Size clearly matters for Matt, he noted the spacious layout of Republic being one of his favorite elements of the league-wide clubhouse: "Too many bars in Sacramento are super small. I also like that Republic has plenty of games for everyone to enjoy."

It’s only the beginning for this guy, and he already has his sights set on his next favorite theme night: "I’m really looking forward to the ugly sweater theme night!"

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