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Perspectives 2012: Photos

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 Since Persepectives began in 1995 it has hosted more than 90 of the world’s most influential individuals who share their personal views of  world and current events. This year’s speakers included the 46th Vice President of the United States, Richard Cheney, Mexico’s 55th President, Vicente Fox, President and Editor-in-Chief of the the Huffington Post Media Group, Arianna Huffington, NFL hall of famer, actor, and FOX Sports Analyst, Howie Long, and Bestselling Author, Founder, and CEO of ChangeLabs, Peter Sheahan.

Perspectives is sponsored by over 100 corporations, organizations, and individuals, with the goal of bringing provocative dialog, unique viewpoints, and unparalleled experience to the greater Sacramento area.

In the next two photos we see young entrepreneurs sitting side by side corporate attendees experiencing the event.

 Rio Americano Civitas students await the opening of  the day’s events.

 Corporate sponsored tables dominted the seating for attendees.

Police Honor Guard kicked off the ceremonies with colors as the National Anthem was sung. 


John Frisch, 2012 Chair of the Sacramento Metro Chamber Executive Committee opens Perspectives 2012.

Tom Sullivan, local and national radio host takes the helm as Master of Ceremonies. Tom joined the FOX business Network (FBN) as anchor in October 2007, and hosts a long running midday talk show on KFBK as well as the Tom Sullivan Show on Saturdays carried by the FOX Business Network. His daily three hour radio show has consistently dominated the ratings for over 20 years.


Peter Sheehan is considered a global thought leader. His opinions on business trends and the changing needs of the customer have made him a regular presenter on FOX Business Network, with appearances on ABC and the BBC. Peter has spent a decade enlightening business  in innovative opportunity oriented decision making.

His fifth book, ‘Flip", focusses on mindset flexibility in decision process and leadership development. It encourages an evolutionary approach to business strategy uncovering opportunity even in these tough economic times. 

Peter’s view of corpprate infrastructure, technology trends, and inflection points leads him to assert that "what u see now is what will become reality". How reality develops depends on the "lenses", and assumptions used in seeing corporate development. Control and especially collaboration are pivotal in the context of these lenses.


Arianna Huffington discusses the search for the positive in our American society and the American Dream. According to Huffington the American spirit is there but waning and with countries like France currently having more upward mobility America can’t deliver the dream without recapturing  the American spirit.The US is currently in a job crisis.Huffington says we cannot hire the people we have trained. Mentorship and a sensitivity to developing wisdom are needed in this hyper connected world. We must unplug and rejuvenate.It is hard to be wise if you’re exhausted. From wisdom and fresh minds come the most creative and innovative ideas and spirits.


Vicente Fox believes that the American dream is in fact the Dream of the Americas. He sees the Mexican people aspiring to the upward mobility and increased wealth that the American Dream promises. However he also sees that the US is characterized by lack of action, of decisions. The American way, from an international point of view, is to discuss discuss discuss.

According to Fox, the US is behind countries like South Korea in developing human capital. 83 percent of South Koreans graduate college, compared to the US with 60 percent and Latin American with just 22 percent. The US must reinvest in this key resource of human capital if the American dream is to be kept alive.

Tom Sullivan asked Vicente Fox how he made such large changes in Coca Cola and also in Mexico.Vicente’s response was that both the country and Coca Cola were just ready. He was in the right place at the right time. When asked about the Fast and Furious program, his response was a very clear "no transparency, no accountability. In democracy this should not happen."


Howie Long discussed his life as a senior in high school then as a pro football player, sports analyst and actor. He addressed his stormy relationship with Al Davis after his retirement from the game, and the issue of concussions in the sport of football. Long joked that his two sons are taking different paths to success, one as a pro football player and the other as a laywer with aspirations of managing the Long family business.




Richard (Dick) Cheney is concerned that the national security, foreign policy, and defense strategy are not being discussed in the current presidential campaign. Of primary importance is the mideast unrest that is being seen today. Cheney’s contention is that the US appears weaker now in the middle east due to a perceived reduction in commitment to the region and regional issues in addition to appearing no longer able to defend ourselves.The lack of a meeting between the President and Israel’s Netanyahu on Netanyahu’s last US visit  underscores this lack of commitment which is leading to a waning lack of trust of the US in the region.



When asked by Tom Suliivan about the death of Osama Bin Laden, Cheney said that it is primarily a testament to the soldiers and the intelligence agencies and not necessarily the result of any president’s foreign policy.

The reason we went into Afghanistan? He simply answered 911. However we have not learned the lessons of the Russians who dropped the ball by leaving a vacuum when the mujahideen drove them out.

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