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WAKA Kickballer of the Week: Matthew Heintz

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It’s hard to get to know everyone who is lacing up their cleats, pulling up their tube socks, and gearing up for their kickball games with hundreds of players doing so on a weekly basis! So our local World Adult Kickball Association (WAKA) league is shining the spotlight on a different player each week so you can get to know the fun-loving people in your community who re-live the playground glory days of recess on a weekly basis here in Sacramento.

This week: Matthew Heintz

Stats and Mini-Bio:

Name: Matthew Heintz
Hometown: Winters, CA
Current City: Sacramento, CA (Natomas)
Occupation: Reporting Analyst (a.k.a. full-time nerd)
Relationship Status: Engaged
Kicking Foot: Right
Age: 30
Kickball Seasons:
Fall 2005 – Present: No Talent “Awesome” Clowns – Orange, Sweep the Leg – Black

Interesting Fact: Been running the Sacramento, Roseville and Folsom Kickball Leagues for 5 years.
Random Fact: Working on getting the WAKA Kickball Franchise.
Fun Fact: Getting Married Dec 2nd

Expert Advice to Rookies:

On the field:
“Don’t try to do too much at the plate. Relax, keep your head over your foot and kick it solid. Ground balls and line drives are the way to go.”

Off the field at Republic Bar and Grill:
“While it is important to get to know your teammates it is equally important to get to know people on the other teams.” Easy way to do so according to Matt: “…Pitcher Deals and the Beer Towers because it is better to share than just get enough for you.”


Matthew Heintz is the ultimate kickballer, he joined on a whim 7 years ago because his best friend and soon to be best man read about kickball on Craigslist. Matt enjoyed his experience so much that he eventually took charge of the Sacramento, Roseville and Folsom leagues. He has also won the ultimate winning title: soon to be husband.

“I got to know my soon to be wife at kickball. We have very different backgrounds and circles of friends, but the one thing we did have in common was kickball. Every Thursday I was able to get to know her a little better, and try to convince her to like me a little bit more.”

In addition to fiancé, Matt wears many hats as the officially titled “Customer Service Representative” ranging from: the occasional title of “yard duty” to keep kickball players and referees in order, “webmaster” to manage the league page/schedule, and many more titles that require various tasks of him.

But despite having to constantly be running around in the background keeping the league going, Matt still manages to have fun and even enjoy the occasional theme night:

“My most memorable theme night was short shorts and super socks. I decided to let my wonderful Fiancée, cut my jeans into shorts, and well let’s just say she didn’t leave much to the imagination. I am glad that many others embraced the theme and I wasn’t alone. That could have been awkward.”

While theme nights definitely allow for all sorts of interesting expression of unique individual style, the fact that there are team uniforms provided helps make interaction more about personality rather than personal clothing style. The childhood pastime turned adulthood pastime sets up a unique way for adults to network outside of the usual post-work happy hour scene:

“I don’t feel like I’m at an office party or in a work situation. I can be myself and so can the other players. Rather than trading small talk and business cards you trade stories over beers and really get a sense of who people are, rather than just what they do.”

Thanks Matt on behalf of the entire league for all the work you do to allow us to all enjoy America’s recess childhood pastime well into our 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and for some even into our retirement years!

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