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150th Anniversary of USDA and the Emancipation Proclamation

150th Anniversary of USDA and the Emancipation Proclamation

Sacramento, CA ~ Along Antietam Creek in the State of Maryland, not far from our nation’s capitol was the deadliest single day in all of American Military history.  The name, pronounced "An-tee-tum", derives from an old Algonquian Indian word meaning "swift water."

Along the American River in the State of California, not farm from our state capitol, the destruction of historic Black Agriculture communities remains a "stolen legacy" anchored by the history of the "African Founding Father of California," Honorable William Alexander Leidesdorff, Jr., U.S. Vice Consul for Alta California. 

150 years ago, the Agriculture production of rural America was replaced by unspeakable horror and pain during the U.S. Civil War.

Today, the notion of a divided America is clearly seen in the two faces and two directions, again divided by race and culture.  In Sacramento, California preparation to celebrate our collective journey continues at William Jessup University and an amazing exhibit that provides primary source documentation for an enhanced educational experience.

Bipartisan leadership within the California State Capitol are making an effort to explore the valuable lessons available by sharing the legacy of the Emancipation Proclamation.

Black Agriculture remains the economic foundation of a people yearning for a greater measure of freedom, let us open the flood gates.

Stalled, 2012 Farm Bill pubic policy is predicated upon the historic legacy of "America’s Last Plantation" and sepreate and unequal legacy of U.S. Agriculture policy, 1862 vs. 1890 allocation of tax payer resources and service delivery.

Endangered Black Agriculture Act of 2012 is a targeted focus to provide service delivery and increase production capacity.  U.S. Farm Policy can help create new jobs, expand technical education and stimulate economic development throught targeted depressed census tracts and zip codes throughout America, servicing residents in both urban and rural congressional districts.

"Catch-up Programs" that reward Black Agriculture production tied to job creation are essential measured to ensure the endangered speicies of Black Agriculture producers.  Pigford II payments may finally put to rest past class action claims from last century.

Nearly 500 billion dollars in tax payer resources for the proposed 2012 Farm Bill could include specific remedy to include targeted programs to move resources from "supplemental nutrition assistance programs" toward viable "sustainable community agriculture programs."

The U.S. House Agriculture Committee lead by Chairman Lucus has a very difficult job as conference committee chair of the 2012 Farm Bill conversation, factions of the House Repubican Caucus seem prepared for a "Civil War" of values and beliefs given the economic climate of limited support for American citizens.

The lessons from the Battle of Antietam, remain an open secret, watch the movie Glory for a reminder. 

President Abraham Lincoln signed the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation after America’s bloodiest battle.  150 years ago we began the ongoing journey of America’s Second Independence Day, leading to the ratification of the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

A short drive from Capitol Hill, through the lush green rolling hills of Maryland.  A sacred place to reflect upon the "Price Paid" to form a more perfect union is available.  Over 22,000 men and women died on the battle field that day and extended families have never forgotten the price paid to expand the conversation of freedom for people of African ancestry, who labored creating the bounty of U.S. Agriculture.

2012 Hurricane Isaac showed the nation the possibilities if you open the flood gates of the Mississippi, America’s "River of the Holy Spirit" and a hub of the renaissance of Black Agriculture in America.  Endangered Black Agriculture Act of 2012 is poised to expand the conversation for New Farmers in America.  The 150th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation is essential to understand what it means to be an American.   


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