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Four generations of women to perform at Fairytale Town

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On Wednesday, Sept. 5, Fairytale Town will open its gates at 5:30 p.m. for a late summer evening concert by four local female musicians who represent not only the talent found in our area, but four generations of that talent.

Parie Wood, Autumn Sky, Larisa Bryski and Valerie V will perform on the Mother Goose stage, and attendees are invited to bring chairs and blankets. The all-ages concert begins at 6 p.m.

The idea for this concert began last year with Marty DeAnda of Dig Music LLC when he presented three generations of local male performers. Because of the event’s success, DeAnda “immediately began working on a female version,” and said that he’d like to make the event semi-annual with a goal of seven generations for the next event, mixing male and female performers.

“We want to show people how deep and long lived our talent pool is in Sacramento,” added DeAnda.

The talent of these four women, attendees will discover, covers a spectrum of musical styles, including Valerie V and her jazz influence and Autumn Sky’s indie-folk style.

Parie Wood and Larisa Bryski, who have worked as student and teacher for three years, shared their thoughts on their work and the upcoming concert.

Parie Wood

Wood said, “I think the idea of combining four generations of music is genius because we all come from unique backgrounds, and from those backgrounds we get unique perspectives that affect us greatly as people, and then of course as musicians. I’m honored to represent the youngest generation of music.”

About performing with her vocal coach, Wood said “It’s a full-circle thing.”

Wood recently released her first EP, and she spoke briefly about that experience, which included utilizing Kickstarter.

“Releasing an album is something I’ve wanted to do since I was 10 years old, and it’s been such a learning experience for me. It’s made up of a compilation of songs I’ve written since I was 12. Getting it recorded, produced and released was a very grass-roots thing which I find really fitting for my first album.”

DeAnda, the show’s organizer, offered much guidance to Wood for this project, which included raising funds through a grass-roots effort using crowd-source funding. Kickstarter helps creative people fund creative projects, and Wood’s campaign raised $3,700 dollars.

“A thousand of which came from a grant from my school, The Met Sacramento. So I’ve received a lot of help and am totally thankful and humbled,” Wood said.

Although she’s never performed with the others, she has seen Autumn Sky and Larisa Bryski perform.

Larisa Bryski

Bryski spoke about the concert, Marty DeAnda and her music.

“The multi-generational aspect of this particular show really makes it feel more about celebrating the legacy of female singer/songwriters in Sacramento. Marty at DIG Music cares deeply about the artists that he works with, and really appreciates the passion we put into creating our art. I think this show will allow us to convey that passion in a simple, honest way. I’m really honored to be a part of it!”

About Wood, Bryski said, “I am hoping to get Parie Wood on stage with me during my set. I’ve always wanted to duet with her.”

Although she’s never heard Autumn Sky or Valerie V, Bryski is looking forward to hearing both women perform.

Also regarding Wood, Bryski said, “As for Parie, I can’t say enough good things. She’s a former protege of mine, although that’s probably not fair to say, because her talent and wisdom at only 16 years old surpasses anything that I could possibly teach her. She’s a good friend and a beautiful young artist.”

About her own music and influences, she said “I’m a classically trained vocal coach and mommy to a three-year-old daughter by day, and a rock and roll musician by night. My music stems from my childhood, listening to the Beatles, Fleetwood Mac and Led Zeppelin. I love what I do and am proud to say I’ve been making music with my band in the Central Valley for over a decade. And, I’ll never stop.”

Both Wood and Bryski offered their thoughts on the diverse group of musicians.

“The four of us are different stylistically, sure. But I think our love of music is universal,” Wood said.

Bryski added, “I do think that our styles, although very different, will complement each other at this show. I believe that each of us represents a certain cross section of the music culture in Sacramento. So, there will be a little something for everyone.”

Everyone includes adults and children, as Kathy Fleming, Fairytale Town’s executive director, is quick to point out.

“Fairytale Town is a great venue, especially for concerts,” Fleming said.

Evening concert at the Mother Goose Stage

During regular hours, adults without accompanying children are not permitted in Fairytale Town, but concerts like Wednesday’s give all adults the opportunity to “experience Fairytale Town and an event that is meaningful to them.”

About children, Fleming continued, “it is important that children be introduced to music at an early age.”

Fleming spoke of the many programs offered at Fairytale Town and the importance of play, pointing to the fast pace of today’s society allowing for “less time for children to do free, imaginative play.”

Fairytale Town “provides a safe place to do that, and when we add events like this concert, it’s a win-win for the adults, too.”

Gates open at 5:30 for this ticketed event, and the music begins at 6 p.m. Tickets are a bargain at $10. Membership at Fairytale Town means two for one admission. Children 12 and under are free. This family-friendly event is sure to please fans of local music and open musical windows for the next generation.

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