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A Passion for Fashion: Opening of Her Closet in Old Sacramento

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Enter Her Closet, and enter a place that has the comfort of your own personal closet. Co-owners Sharie Thompson and Marcell Wilson bring familiarity and coziness to Old Sacramento with their newly opened Her Closet boutique, located at 900 2nd Street.

“When we opened up, I wanted to have a feel of your girlfriend’s closet,” Thompson said of the name. “When you’re going out and you go to your girlfriend’s closet, you always see cute things in there. So, I wanted this to be something similar.”
Open since July 3, Her Closet invites people into a room full of natural lighting and color. Brick walls are painted white, an offset against the wooden floors, and long accessory shelves sit above racks of clothes like the racks of personal closet.

The display table near the entrance is adorned a variety of inventory. A small rack with blue, pink and yellow earrings sit on one end and metallic bangles are on display at the other end.  The table also has small evening clutches, some reminiscent of Alexander McQueen’s, with an affordable price tag range of $49 to $69.

“Those are unique purses,” said Thompson. “Until it fades away, we’re going to keep them.  A lot of people come in here just for that.”


Jewelry display and McQueen-style purse

Along the walls, next to the display table, the bold stripes and bright blue sequins of the silky T-shirts and tank tops catch the eye. Pastel-colored shirts fit for the warm season hang alongside other shirts of vibrant shades of red, blue and yellow.

A selection of shirts
A selection of tank tops

Near the pink dressing rooms, thick and skinny belts of different colors hang on a pink wall next to wooden bangles and earrings adorned with gold and brass. 

Belts in Her Closet
Jewelry available at Her Closet

“We’re always looking for new pieces, to introduce new pieces to the store,” Wilson said. “Something that has a different feel to it, that’s not just everywhere.  You can come into Her Closet and find it here.”

Her Closet provides affordable prices and varied selection of sizes, ranging from size zero to 4X, with new inventory arriving regularly.

“We have the boutique feel but we just don’t want the boutique prices,”  said Thompson. “So, we try to keep the prices reasonable where we can have our college students come and shop and then our professional woman come and shop as well.”

Natasha Davis, an employee of Her Closet and best friend to Thompson, also spoke of the store’s prices and how customers buy quality clothing.

“Just because our quality is great doesn’t mean our prices are super, super high,” Davis added.  “The way they buy, they pick things that stand out.”

Style and fashion have been a part of Thompson and Wilson’s lives for years.

Originally from Los Angeles, Thompson enjoyed fashion since childhood. Thompson had a keen interest in accessories, which translated into making bracelets.

Wilson, of Sacramento, has always had an interest in fashion.  He also began to cut, style and photograph his own clothes starting in ninth grade. Wilson also has an upcoming fashion line in the works called Star Struck.

Their mutual interest in fashion came full circle three months ago. It happened during a bike ride Thompson and Wilson were taking through Old Sacramento one day. Wilson noticed the availability sign in the building. Thompson and Wilson took photos of the building, contacted the owner the following day, and signed for the space three days later.

“We just went out on faith,” Thompson said.

Her Closet is not the only business that Thompson and Wilson are involved. Thompson works for her company, DreamGirls Fine Hair Imports and Salon, as a hairstylist, and Wilson works for the Elk Grove Water Company. Her Closet stemmed from enjoyment instead of necessity for work.

When asked about the reasoning behind opening Her Closet, Thompson said, “This is something we love.  This is something that we love to do.”

The store hours are Monday through Friday, from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


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