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Pour House opened Friday in Midtown Sacramento [Photos]

The front of Pour House.

The Pour House held its grand opening on Friday – Midtown’s newest bar features taps at tables with whiskey and beer, sandwiches from the Coast to Coast food trucks and decor reminiscent of a Prohibition-era speakeasy.

The bar/restaurant will be open from 11 a.m to 1:30 a.m., serving lunch and dinner, with plans to add a Sunday brunch soon, according to operator Trevor Shults.

Shults said he was going for a "rustic, older vibe" that utilized the historic nature of the building and its location at 1910 Q St, next to railroad tracks.

"The design, I feel, complements the building well," he said Wednesday.

The interior is divided into two rooms with distinct designs. The front room is open and spacious, with a high ceiling and a small stage in the corner for two- or three-piece bands.

The front room at Pour House.
The view from one of the booths with taps on the tables:

The lighting fixtures stand out:

Pour House will start serving about 175 different kinds of whiskey, with plans to go up to 200 within a few months., and there are rows upon rows of bottles behind the bar. [As a commenter noted below, they also have four booths with table taps, 24 drafts, and well over 100 bottles of craft and Belgian beer]. 

Nectar of the Irish.

Like Whiskey Wild, which used to occupy the same space, Pour House will have a special whenever a train passes.

“When the train comes by, it’s really awesome,” Shults said. “The whole thing shakes, there is dust coming off the bricks. It turns something that could be a bad thing into something that’s pretty cool – you get $2 train shots of Jack (Daniels) when the train comes by.”

Another aspect borrowed from Whiskey Wild: the wrought iron spiral staircase behind the bar. Shults and his crew sandblasted and clear-coated the staircase to show off its original metallic color. It leads to a utility room:Bar manager Jason Poole says Pour House will specialize in classic cocktails. There is a wide-range of prices: Well drinks start at $4, while cocktails with Jameson rare breed will cost you $50 a glass.

"The cocktail program that we’re going for here is definitely a throwback to throw respect to the classic cocktails that have been the same way for 200 years," Poole said. "We’re not changing that recipe at all, we’re not changing that recipe at all from the way it was done in the 1800s, early 1900s – all we’re trying to do is make sure that it’s done right and they can have that classic cocktail consistently done well and enjoy that every single time."

The back room is dimmer and more intimate. A distinctive red-and-white wallpaper pattern helps set the retro theme, as will the ‘20s-era jazz music playing from the speakers – a contrast with the more modern music in the front room.

The backroom at Pour House looks like it would fit in well in Old Sacramento.
There are tables outside as well, and a six-tier rotisserie smoker that will handle briskets and barbecue, as well as slow-cook apples for the cocktails.

Shults said he tried to create a bar that would appeal to residents of the downtown/Midtown grid, and to hire staff that understand the neighborhood.

"The majority of the staff live within six to 10 blocks of the area," Shults said. "They are residents as well. They all ride their bikes here. We tried to attract a staff that uses this area, that lives in this area, and we hope that that will resonate out through the neighborhood."

Chef Robert Ramos of Coast to Coast says patrons can expect regional comfort food that the food truck is known for, with a mix of daily specials.

"We’re just super excited to be able to serve Midtown," he said. "I think this area is thirsty and hungry for new blood in here, so it’s good to be able to be a part of that."

For more on Pour House, see our previous article, "Pour House details emerging."

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