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The weekend is coming up! What to do? What to do? Where to go?

You could head to Davis’ Square Tomatoes Craft Fair , Sunday, August 12, 10 am to 3 pm, located next to the Davis Food Coop,  630 G Street in Davis.

You’ll have a chance to see many artists and their works, food by Monticello Restaurant, hands-on instruction in a craft circle and lots more good things.

Stone carver Jeff Drullard holds one of his works in stone.
Be on the lookout for stone carver Jeff Drullard of Sacramento. He ‘flies’ beneath the radar and you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you find him and his work at the craft fair.
A hobbyist stone carver, he originally began working with clay in 1993 at the Creative Arts Center in Dallas, TX.

"I was exposed to all mediums; metal sculpture, gas and tig wielding," he explained. "As a hand builder in clay, there is throwing, slip-casting and there’s a lot of sculptural mediums that have to do with clay."
They include acrylics, epoxy and even sculptural clay.
"I went to Eugene, OR in fall of 1996 and started community college and started in pottery and was throwing and hand building," Drullard said. "In 2003 I went into the private sector Maude Kearns Art Center which has "Club Mud."
It’s just a little ceramic co-op with clay, glazes, kilns, about 8 wheels and a small working area for sculptors and potters.

He gave a lot of pottery pieces to silent auctions for fundraising for Lane County’s Big Brothers and Big Sisters with the YMCA and other charity events.
In 2005 he returned to California and joined the San Joaquin County Potters Guild in Stockton, where he met Frank Sheldon, a production potter, who fired my pots for him.
All along he was carving stone from 1997 to now. He said while he was going to Maude Kearns I was going to the Northwest Stone Sculptors Association workshops in Silver Falls, OR which is close to Salem.
In Salem he worked with a lot of instructors with University of Oregon and many people from Seattle, Pt. Angeles and Anacortes, WA.

In 2007 he took part in the Northwest Stone Sculptors Association symposium near Hearst Castle.

"I carved several nice pieces while there," he said.

In 2010, one of his pieces, "Melting Ice" was selected for the Stockton Art League’s Juried Exhibition and Sale. Drullard’s was one of 104 works selected  and displayed at The Haggin Museum.

Melting Ice

"Melting Ice" stemmed from his concern for climate change. It was created thanks to a picture he spotted in National Geographic of melting ice in a glacier.

Last year, he joined the Valley Sculpture Artists in Sacramento and he’s taken part in several of their shows.

"I’ve been buying stone from Ventura, CA; Vancouver, WA; Oakland and Guerneville, CA and Kansas City. At least one of his pieces’ material comes from Italy.
Recently he took a workshop with an Italian master carver for five days and was able to rough out several pieces.

Drullard said he’s  been hooked on stone carving ever since he was exposed to it.

"It’s a battle of man, or woman, against nature," he said. "Even if you can only somewhat alter the stone from its natural form, it’s a sculpture. Because it’s been touched or finished by man."

Visit his website – It was Dirt

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