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We’re not terrorists, we’re photographers | Part II

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What started out as an early morning 2 hour early morning photo shoot starting from 15th St near Memorial Stadium turned into a six-hour jaunt westward on J St and onto K St. And it got hot!

For Ed Fogle and I it was a fun shoot, capturing our city’s buildings, people, transportation modes. We were just out doing what we like to do.

We walked on the north side of J St to 12th St and made our way down K St, then up 10th to hook back up with J St.

We were totally amazed with the positive activity on K St – people eating outside of new restaurants, walking down the sidewalks….just good clean action!

So we headed east on J St, climbing up to the top of garages for views. And it kept getting hotter. We just wanted to get back to the cool AC in the car.

As we neared the Convention Center we noticed a young man running from across the street to us. He asked why we were shooting the building he works in, can he see our pictures……? We told him we are photographers just taking pictures of our city. Right before he reached us I got a shot of two pigeons kissing on a ledge of the garage that I think tied into the building he came from. He said it was a Federal Building but I saw nothing on it that identified it as that.

I sarcastically told him to cover the building up if you don’t want it seen or photographed.

Anyway, here’s some of my shots, and there is a link at the bottom for more photos:

Maydestone Apts.
Bank on K St.
K St
K St
K St
K St
K St
K St



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