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“We’re not terrorists, we’re photographers!”

The headline describes the last part of a fun photo shoot.

Early last night, my friend Ed Fogle and I took a photographic tour of the Capitol Mall, just shooting whatever caught our eyeballs.

We strolled along, sharing photo tips and ideas as we took photos. We timed it so we would catch the beginning of sunset on our trek headed west.

At the end of our fun evening as we were shooting a building, a security guard came out to tell us we can’t shoot that building.

He basically called us terrorists – patriotic Ed and US Navy Veteran Kati. Ed diplomatically explained photographer’s rights after a verbal go-around with the young security guard. He even admitted he was bored, so we became ‘something to do’.

It ended well.

Here’s some of my shots. At the bottom is a link to a Google album of Ed’s photos: 

Two photos above looking at K and J Streets from Captiol Mall
Bank of the West reflected in US Bank tower.
A cyclist’s shadow rides the light rail.
Nice golden glow as sun heads towards horizon.
Bank of the West reflected on building’s windows across the street.
Looking to the top of Bank of the West.
IL Fornaio, an Italian restaurant
Interior lights show from US Bank as it gets darker.
Inside the lobby of US Bank are LED lights representing the rivers of Sacramento.
Top of the water cooling tower for the state’s heating & cooling system for downtown state buildings, is dwarfed by US Bank.

To see more photos of Capitol Mall CLICK HERE>>>

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