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Annet King comes to Sacramento

For those who do not know who Annet King is let me first tell you that she is one of the most inspiring women I have ever met.

 Annett King is the Director of Global Education for the International Dermal Institute (IDI) and Dermalogica. Her visit to Sacramento was for local undergrad students who are working hard in school to become esteticians. She spoke today at the International Dermal Institute in Sacramento, off of Howe Ave. I myself and many others were honored to hear her speak. The topic today was on “Making the Leap”; the start to a career in the skin care proffession.
Annet King dicussed some valuable information about how education should never end after graduating school. She explains how consumers need skin treatments now more than ever and the profession is taken much more seriously. Consumers are more aware and up to date about what products are out there because of the vast knowledge that is available from media and social interactions.

She explains that in this new economy people are more aware of what they are spending their money on and that skin professionals have a different mindset about delivering services with extra value to the consumer. She goes on to explain that roughly 56% of the market is interested in anti-aging products. If the consumer/client buys products off the shelf, these product that they are buying may not be as active ingredient. With professional skin care you will get better results because the skin Care professionals are touching and analyzing the skin up close. The proffessional will know what is best for the skin.
King also mentions that 95% of the skin care clients are women, but knew product are out there that make it easier for men to care for their skin as well. She also talks about the importance of SPF and how most of the damage to our skin is cause by the sun. If you burn 5 times your chances of getting skin cancer goes up dramatically.
King also talks about her own experiences being in the skin care industry  working on crews ships and all over the world. She exlains how she has struggled herself and yet overcome her challenges by having a positive “Can Do Attitude”. She also says “The passion is what drives you.” The passion to really care for the clients is what will make you succeed.

Having Annet King in Sacramento would have been wonderful for anyone see her speak, but since I was fortunate enough  to get the privilege. I thought I would share this with you, the reader.

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