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Unseen Heroes: Behind the Scenes

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Roshaun and Maritza Davis of Unseen Heroes bring their passion and expertise to many of the finely-crafted events you see in Sacramento. And, while their name implies they are usually a behind-the-scenes sort of crew, Sacramento365.com thought it was time to shed some light on all this organization does for Sacramento. Unseen Heroes have been key components behind many Sacramento events and activities–such as the Modern Italian Film Festival, Launch, and pop-up shops around town (think the Fiats at Hot Italian)–and are currently delving into the local food and design community with the GOOD: Street Food + Design Market.

What began in a midtown apartment in 2008 for the sole purpose of doing PR, marketing, and design for Roshaun’s music group has since blossomed into a full-blown business catering to local artists, small businesses, and corporate clients. Unseen Heroes’ mission is “to create unforgettable experiences through interactive events for all people.” And, Roshaun notes, “We strive to produce events that connect our clients with their target audience in a unique way that engages all senses.”

GOOD: Street Food + Design Market
Currently, Unseen Heroes’ big project is the GOOD: Street Food + Design Market, held every 1st Sunday, June-November, in a beautifully lit and revamped warehouse on Del Paso Boulevard. GOOD was created because, Roshaun says, “We noticed that there weren’t any cool markets in the city that curated all of the things that we liked to experience: food, music, art, fashion, and design. So, we did a lot of traveling and did a lot of ‘market research.’ We went to markets in New York, San Francisco, and LA to see what worked for those cities as well as how they made it successfully work from them. We wanted to be mindful of the fact that Sacramento is not any of those cities, so we had to do what worked for Sacramento.”

Each month brings new, as well as repeat vendors, including food trucks, clothing designers, boutiques, and artists. (You’ll even catch Sac365 at some of them!) Be sure to check out this innovative event. Its next occurrence is Sunday, August 5.

Flywheel Arts Incubator
In addition to the events currently on their plate, Unseen Heroes is lending their services to the Arts & Business Council’s Flywheel Arts Incubator.

Roshaun explains: “The Flywheel Arts Incubator was developed to help give local creatives the tools they need to succeed in their area of business. The concept is based off of the idea that stimulating the creative class in Sacramento will have a positive effect on the city as a whole." This concept is directly in line with Unseen Heroes’ direction.

"We want to make sure the creatives in Sacramento have an sustainable model of success, and if we can be at the forefront of building that model, we are all for it.” -RD


Find more detail on this Organization along with many more at Details, the year-round source for Sacramento events.


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