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Bobby Jackson’s All Star Weekend Musical Show Case

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Kayla Waters and Shacara Rogers with retired Sacramento Kings point guard Bobby Jackson at Coach’s Thursday night
Singer Shacara Rogers with Kayla Waters playing keyboard make up the group Ebony Rose performers, at Coach’s Thursday night
Serina Lowden, ranked as a member of the top 250 real estate professionals by transaction sides, with Orobosa Idehen at Coach’s
Def Jam recording artist John West performers, at Coach’s Thursday night, Bobby Jackson All Star Weekend.
Bobby Jackson with KOCI Media & Entertainment kicked off the weekend with a meet and greet at Coach’s, inside Pins and Strikes Bowling Alley. It’s scheduled to be a fun-filled weekend. Thursday nights entertainment included several musical performers. There were booths showcasing local businesses, as well as companies from as far east as New York.

Local hair stylist Sharie Thompson, owner of Dream Girls hair salon, had a booth in the rear of Coach’s. Dream Girls’ table was operated by Alexxus Brown, T. Baker, D. Moore and Tasha Davis. Information and directions to the Elk Grove establishment filled the table, and people stopped to read the material. Tracy Lynn Jewelry is a New York-based business that sells a wide variety of jewelry. The table was decked out with many different styles of necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Janneth Thrasher sat poised behind the table, ready to answer any questions or fill orders. Serina Lowden, ranked as a member of the top 250 real estate professionals by transaction sides, who works out of the Keller Williams Realty Elk Grove office, mingled through the crowd. Lowden sat with Orobosa Idehen in reserved seats directly in front of the stage.

The host for the night was Jamal Doman, who gave the audience the lineup. Doman warmed up the crowd with several jokes aimed at the author of the flyer he was reading from. As he announced the opening act, Tia Ferrera, the crowd began to clap to welcome her to the stage. Ferrera sang several soulful songs showing her range. The next performer to take the stage was Entourage, who sang with a live band. Their music was very smooth, like that of the late 80s and all of the 90s. The live band’s music was clean and clear. The lead singer of Entourage acknowledged Kim Waters in the audience and his daughter’s group, Ebony Rose. With a little push and an invite, Ebony Rose emerged on stage, with Kayla Waters taking control of the keyboards and Shacara Rogers on the mic. They began to dazzle the crowd with their stage presence and Jill Scott-like sound. (Kim Waters even attempted to grace the stage, but the other keyboard wasn’t set up, so the two young ladies continued to impress the audience with the help of Entourage, minus the keyboard player, as the keyboard was being played by Kayla Waters.) With the crowd reluctant to let the younger Waters off the stage, the lead singer for Entourage gained control of the mic to perform two more songs. (The crowd was still taken back by the surprise they just witnessed moments before.)

After a brief intermission John West took the stage with his band (one keyboard player and a drummer). West sang as he played the guitar. Adding a few comical remarks between verses, West sang very smoothly and soulfully. His songs were smooth enough to bring Jon B to mind (only for a moment; as you continued to listen, you forgot all about Jon B). West displayed his personality through his music, so you could not help but feel as if you’d known him for much longer than the 30-minute set he had just completed. As he continued to sing one song after the next, no one wanted them to end and John didn’t either.

The night was very entertaining, and everyone looked completely satisfied as they exited the building. Some stopped to take pictures with the artists that performed, and bunched up at the exit, almost as if they weren’t truly ready to go home (all it would have taken was for one of the artists to grab the mic and start to hum a tune). This was the preview of what is in store for the rest of the weekend; it should be a very fun and entertaining weekend. (Day Two with comedians and a fashion show, Anthony Davis scheduled for Day Three … I must say, it gets even sweeter).

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