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Local gallery showing ‘Oddities, an Eclectic Exhibit’

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Little Relics Boutique & Galleria

Oddities, an Eclectic Exhibit, will be showing from June 2 to June 30 at the Little Relics Boutique & Galleria located at 908 21st Street in Sacramento.

Featured artists for this showing are Rachel Suh, Christine Conklin, Susan Raines and Bryson Webb.

At an artist reception for the exhibit featured artists were present. Artist receptions are a great way to meet artists and ask them about their work. Visitors streamed into the gallery to enjoy fine art along with delicious appetizers and drinks.

The Little Relics art exhibit showcased an assortment of art, each distinctive in their own way, and all drawing the attention of visitors to the gallery.

Suh is originally from Carmel, Calif., and studied for a while at the Art Institute in Los Angeles. The preview event is Suh’s first exhibit and thirteen pieces of her work lined the walls.

Rachel Suh at Little Relics

When asked how she was chosen to display she said, “Susan (Rabinovitz) was really sweet as soon as she met me she let me do this exhibit. Normally I’m really not the person that shows my art to people but I couldn’t give this chance up.”

Colorful and detailed acrylic on canvas art is Suh’s forte and while admiring her work, it was amazing to hear that she only started painting this year. Suh’s work is, as she describes it, “cartoony and fun.”

“The first piece I did was in January of this year and that’s when I started,” Suh said when asked how long she worked on the art being exhibited.

Rachel Suh with

Suh named Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward, Chuck Jones and Bob Camplet as some of the animators who have inspired her.

Bryson Webb with his

Bryson Webb had one piece of art hanging for the exhibit. The 19 year old has already had a number of showings around Sacramento.

Webb described his acrylic on canvas, “Tree of Life,” as a piece from a mini-series of paintings he just completed.

“I just completed the mini-series set called ‘Alice in My Land.’ It’s a spinoff on ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ This piece in particular was a spinoff on the singing flowers,” Webb said.

Webb noted that the “Alice in Wonderland” inspiration also helps him with his artwork.

“I was really inspired by ‘Alice in Wonderland’ because it was Alice’s escape from the real world that made the story. Basically she got bored with her mom, bored with her life, bored from school and then she just created her own world. I find that in my paintings whenever I get bored of anything I can just go and paint and create whatever I want.”

Bryson Webb at LIttle Relics

Webb’s perspective shows in his artwork and the use of bright colors complements the stick figures in his “Tree of Life.” He also noted that he sees this piece as one that shows fun and excitement.

Susan Rabinovitz is the owner and jewelry artisan at Little Relics Boutique & Galleria. She put together a wonderful collection of artist for this showing. As we walked around the gallery her enthusiasm for the artists and their work was quite evident.

Rabinovitz has an eye for art and was eager to talk about this month’s exhibit. Her enthusiasm draws artists to her intimate gallery and each artist spoke highly of her.

Raines was unfortunately ill and unable to make it to the reception, so Rabinovitz showed me the artist’s photography. In describing Raines’ exhibit Rabinovitz said, “These pieces show the artistic side of her photographs. They accentuate her models or scene. I love the colors and their artistry as they pop out in collage pieces.”

Susan Raines art at Little Relics

Rabinovitz indicated that Raines also has an exhibit at the Kennedy Gallery.

Several glass cases in the middle and sides of the gallery showcase Rabinovitz’ wonderful jewelry creations. She is passionate about her work and shared a couple of her pieces and the process involved in making them.

One jewelry creation used tourmaline and sterling silver on jasper. She took the time to explain the process.

“I love jasper because it so different depending upon on where it comes from,” Rabinovitz said.

Ink on wood and charcoal art byChristine Conklin at Little Relics

Christine Conklin had three pieces on exhibit. She had two ink on wood and a charcoal piece on display. The charcoal piece, Conklin said, was the first charcoal piece she has done.

Conklin has a degree in fashion design and as such uses female forms for her work.

“A lot of my influence came from designing and fashion using the female form,” Conklin said.

Conklin attended the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in San Francisco, where she received her degree in fashion design. When asked about her work in fashion Conklin said, “I’m not directly involved in fashion but I’m a hair stylist and a wig designer. I’m a designer for the California Musical Theater and I do the Music Circus.”

Christine Conklin at Little Relics

Although only three pieces are on exhibit this month, Conklin shared that she will be the sole artist on exhibit in July. She hopes to share work created on antique windows and doors.

As with most artists Conklin works on several pieces at a time.

“Right now I have about 10 unfinished pieces for the July show,” Conklin said.

Conklin also talked about how long it takes to complete her work.

“It depends on the pieces because one piece may speak to you a little bit more and I can’t stop working on it. Then there’s other pieces where I leave for a couple of months and then get back to it. It all depends.”

Conklin has exhibited her artwork at various shows for the last couple of years. Her exhibit at Little Relics next month will be her first solo exhibit.

When asked what she’s looking forward to with her solo show Conklin stated, “You know, honestly I’m looking forward to seeing all my stuff hanging up in one spot. Right now they’re all over in my house and I have several pieces up in other places. Having everything in one spot is exciting.”

This Second Saturday (June 9) will be a great time to come by the Little Relics Boutique & Galleria and see the Oddities, an Eclectic Exhibit, and meet the artists. The exhibit will run until the end of June.

Each month Little Relics Boutique & Galleria showcases a rotating art exhibit showcasing the work of local artists. A fine selection of handmade jewelry is always available.

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