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New ice cream parlor La Bombe Ice Cream & More opens in East Sacramento

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The first thing that customers will notice when they enter La Bombe Ice Cream & More, East Sacramento’s newest ice cream shop, is the team of “scoopers” who serve colorful scoops of Gunther’s ice cream as well as many of the shop’s signature desserts, Les Bombe Glacés, or domes of layered ice cream, wafers and condiments like jam and marmalade.

“It’s still a work in progress, and we’re going through a little bit of growing pains, but it’s very exciting to be open,” owner Jennifer Sparks said. “I’m interested in bringing people what they want while also introducing them to new things.”

The French-style ice cream parlor, located at 3020 H St., opened on May 19, and offers other unique frozen treats such as gianduia con panna, or hazelnut fudge ice cream immersed in a pile of whipped cream.

On the savory side, the shop has a selection of salads and sandwiches that are gourmet spins on French cuisine. Along with the diverse menu, the shop itself glimmers with Sparks’ touches such as French garden chairs and a logo that is very Parisian.

Sparks, who opened the store with her business partner, Bruce Strickley Jr., has developed flavor combinations for the bombes that pair well together, and she said she takes pride in using quality ingredients. The team of chefs who help her turn her ideas into deliciousness hail from the American River Community College Culinary Program.

What’s with the name? Sparks, a fan of double entendres, connected the ’90s slang “it’s the bomb” with the shop’s rounded desserts, Les Bombe Glacés.

According to Sparks, La Bombe had to be completely revamped and outfitted with modern plumbing before it could open. Located in the old Pulp Papery building, the space was not equipped with restaurant necessities. One-fourth of the kitchen area had to be sacrificed in order to expand the bathroom. Although this caused the shop to open three weeks behind schedule, the hard work payed off as they beat projections by 200 percent on their first day.

On the day The Sacramento Press visited the store, parents were streaming in with kids in tow for an after-school snack. Many commented on the lack of ice cream parlors in the McKinley area before the store opened.

“I think it’s pretty cool to have a new specialty and dessert place around town,” Midtown resident Trish Pane, 31, said.

Sparks acknowledges La Bombe’s prime location across from McKinley Park and Sutter Middle School as well as the appeal of opening a business in Sacramento.

“It’s a really exciting time to be in Sacramento,” she said. “I think a lot of people are moving away from more expensive areas because they realize Sacramento is an equal, affordable place with a lot going on.” 

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