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"You’re the kinda trouble that’s hard to resist.
I’d hate to think of all the fun I’d miss.
I’ve heard the rumors, I hope they’re true.
You’re the kinda trouble I could get into."
(Solomon Burke)

Wendell Holmes, Sherman Holmes and Popsy Dixon poured their passionate spirits into every bluesy note played Thursday night at Swell-Productions’ presentation at Harlow’s.

The laid-back atmosphere and hip decor helped make it the perfect venue to host the Holmes Brothers.

These three soulful guys displayed their diverse talents in a wonderful mix of gospel, R&B, rock ‘n’ roll and blues, and every song received a great reception from the energetic audience. Within seconds of breaking into bluesy renditions of hymnal classics like "Amazing Grace" and "Will the Circle Be Unbroken," the crowd filled with tapping feet, bobbing heads and cheering voices.

Every couple songs, they would switch up the tempo, keeping listeners on their toes. After a slow, soulful love song, the band would jump into loud, classic rock ‘n’ roll.

Knowing this band has been together for 30 years, one would expect to see some refined talent, but witnessing it in person was truly mesmerizing. Each of the men has an individual gift unlike the others, and the three talents together is a miraculous combination.

Sherman Holmes plays bass and provides back-up vocals in a deep baritone, while Popsy Dixon plays the drums and displays a soaring falsetto with an amazing range. Wendell Holmes has a vocal range in between the others, which is perfect for lead vocals. He also accompanies on electric guitar and piano.

When the harmonizing voices were not being utilized, the guys presented some intricate guitar and drum solos which kept the audience entranced.

During the second set, the band shared the stage with Harlow’s sound man John Carlson, who also a very talented pianist and keyboard player, and Kyle Rowland, a gifted 18-year-old harmonica player.

The wide range of ages and high level of talent was quite a sight to see!

After receiving a standing ovation from a screaming crowd, they gave the people more of what they wanted.

"Have you had a good time?" Wendell shouted.

"One more?" Sherman asked.

The band ended with "God Be with You." During the intro, Wendell spoke of his battle with and victory over cancer, as well as his love for every person in the room. The lyrics "God be with you until we meet again" were wonderful parting words.

These amazing musicians displayed such a wide range of talent, diversity and adaptability in so many genres. It seems they would be beloved anywhere, whether in a downtown bar or a southern Gospel church.

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