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Pacific Rim Festival Pride

Old Sacramento welcomed more than 20,000 visitors bustling to the sound of ukuleles, taiko drums, and the aloha of the islands during the Pacific Rim Festival.   The streets came alive with vivrant colors and the lure of barbeque, teriyake chicken, pulled pork, and the sweetness of hawaiian shave ice on Sunday, May 20.  There were many cultures in attendance sharing the arts, food, and roots of an Asian heritage.     

This is the 20th iteration of an annual event that has steadily gained popularity among families who live in the region.  The Census Bureau shares that Sacramento County houses the country’s 12th largest Asian American population.  

Uncle Pete’s Shipwreck Crew flew everyone to the islands with their music.

Greg Balubar, 15 demonstrates basic defense techniques of the Bahala na Pilipino eskrima group from Stockton and Sacramento.
Mui Nguyen, HHPN Mrs. Vietnam Sacramento fixes the crown of her friend Nina Doan, Mrs. Congeniality Vietnam.
Lauryn Taylor, 15 raises her hula hands to heaven with the Pua Nani o Polynesia group.

Jeanie Yang, 18 touches up her make-up while the Hmong Peacock Ladies from Natomas as they wait for dance teacher, Kathy Vang.
A view walking with the Korean Catholic Church taiko drums
group in Rosemont under the Old Sacramento tunnel towards downtown.

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