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Two Sheds bid Sacto farewell Saturday before heading to L.A.

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I heard about it a few weeks ago, but it’s one of those things that starts to really suck now that the show is only a couple days away and reality sets in.

While I’m sure the collective Sactown music community wishes nothing but the best to Caitlin and Jon Gutenberger on their imminent relocation to L.A., the absence of their band Two Sheds is sure to make that same community shed (zing!) a few tears.

Two Sheds’ farewell show goes down Saturday night at 8:30 p.m. at Luigi’s Fungarden, 1050 K St. (MARRS Building), with a $7 door charge. San Francisco electro-country act Birds and Batteries and Dana Gumbier open the show. This one is sure to draw a huge crop of local music fans, so get there early! Playing with Two Sheds will be the venerable Rusty Miller, guitarist Chris Larsen, and guest Kris Anaya (of An Angle and Doom Bird)

A band that came to be on a virtual whim, Two Sheds have been a to-do in this town since 2003 when Jon (also of Far, Jackpot and Milwaukee) and wife Caitlin played one of Jerry Perry’s "Crooning Couples" Valentine’s Day shows at Old Ironsides. What began as jam sessions between Jon and Jackpot pal Miller quickly turned into Caitlin being thrust (against her will?) into the role of front woman.

"Rusty and Johnny used to joke that I was their meal ticket," Caitlin jokingly told me in 2008, in a phone interview prior to a show at the Blackwater Cafe in Stockton (coincidentally also with Birds and Batteries). When I first interviewed them while hanging at Tupelo Coffee in 2007 (it took a trip to archives to remind me that I interviewed them twice), the fires were still being stoked. Since then, they’ve toured coast to coast, turned heads at South By Southwest, and established themselves as a true indie darling, drawing comparisons to Mazzy Star, Cowboy Junkies and Gillian Welch.

A few years after being virtually forced into the lead guitar/vocalist role, there’s no denying Caitlin has morphed into a certified bad ass behind the mic.

Recent press suggests that the move to L.A. is merely for a change of creative pace, and not an attempt to ditch Sacramento. Whatever the motivations, I will boldly speak for the entire "scene" by simply saying, we’ll miss you, and may you be uncorrupted by the City of Angels!

“We kind of take the path of least resistance,” Caitlin told me in 2007. “I don’t know if it’s just to try and protect the fun element of what we’re doing. Part of me thinks ‘should we be more feisty and try to push ourselves?’ But I’m almost more intrigued by seeing if we can keep doing this whole ‘whatever’ thing and get people to like us in spite of ourselves.”

Johnny calls that "The Pavement philosophy."

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