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Q. I have a male pot belly pig who is almost a year old and weighs about 90lbs. I take Mr. Wiggly out for walks in my midtown neighborhood. Yesterday a City Animal Control officer gave me a ticket for not having a swine license! I know I have to have my dog licensed but I have never heard of a swine license. I was also told Mr. Wiggly needs to be neutered before I can get a license. Do you have information on this?

Peter K.

A. Miniature pot-bellied pigs are increasing in popularity as domesticated pets. However, as such animals are still livestock notwithstanding size, and like other pets need to be controlled to insure that such animal does not become a nuisance or danger to the general public and the neighborhood in which it is kept.

The Sacramento City Code Section 9.44.320 states that swine can be no larger than 22 inches at the shoulder and that the animal cannot weigh more than 150lbs. It also notices the requirement for neutering male pigs over the age of four weeks.

The license cost is the same as a dog $15 and it is good for 3 years Sacramento City Code Section 9.44.570. This provision also allows for the animal care service manager to waive delinquency fees for up to one month per year to encourage people to obtain swine licenses. A metallic or plastic identification tag will be issued and the owner is required to put the tag on a collar which the pig will wear section 9.44.600 .

To find out more about pot belly pigs and their care and maintenance visit: California Pot Belly Pig Association.

Take care Mr. Wiggly!

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