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Davis residents were invited to participate in a flashmob-style dance with “Dance Dance Davis” on Wednesday evening. The event site was kept secret until the actual event took place at Davis’ Central Park.

The flashmob dance was held during the Davis Farmers Market. Central Park in Davis hosts the weekly Farmers Market and Picnic in the Park every Wednesday in the spring and summer, this year from March 21 to Oct. 24.

Jenny Lynn & Her Real Gone Daddies performed Wednesday for the all-ages crowd. With their brand of rockabilly and bluegrass music, they had several people dancing near the stage.

Jenny Lynn & Her Real Gone Daddies

“Dance Dance Davis,” is a community project presented by the UC Davis Institute for Exploration in Theatre, Dance and Performance. Shelly Gilbride, a UC Davis theatre and dance Ph.D. alumni, organized the flashmob-style dance at the event, delighting those in attendance.

Gilbride recruited about 100 Davis residents to celebrate the joy of dance and perform at Central Park. Dance lessons leading to the event were provided free of charge.

Dance Dance Davis

“Dance Dance Davis” is the second of two public dance events produced by Gilbride and Public Dance Acts. Gilbride’s goal for PDA is to increase the presence of art in Davis. After the event on Wednesday, Gilbride feels that such an event will allow Davis residents to enjoy the thrill and risk of dancing in public and have fun dancing together as a community.

Dance Dance Davis

“I’m glad my kids were here to see other children their age participate in something like this,” Davis resident Mark Albertson said. “My daughter said she wanted to sign up for lessons after this.”

The dance took many by surprise, and just as quickly as the dance started it ended and dancers moved on.

Dance Dance Davis

“The performance was unexpected, spontaneous and very enjoyable,” Albertson said.

One of PDA’s main goals is to build broad public support for the arts in Davis. Judging by the reaction and comments of Davis residents, PDA appears to be succeeding by showing how much fun moving art can be.

Dance Dance Davis

“Dance is an expression of the human spirit, and sharing dance together with others is an incredible expression of community,” Gilbride said in a press release, “I want Davis to express itself by dancing. Dance is my art form of choice, but PDA is about building broad public support for the arts, showing that art is what makes life good. Art brings people together in shared experiences.”

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