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Photo Essay: Fair Oaks Toilet Bowl Races

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Everyone knows what a toilet is used for, but in Fair Oaks, racing them is one of the most anticipated events of the year. During the 63rd annual Fair Oaks Fiesta on Saturday over one hundred people of all ages and backgrounds came out to Fair Oaks village to enjoy the race.

This year’s race included six toilet racers with three-person teams. The rules require one driver, who must sit on the toilet at all times, and two pushers.

Two teams represented the Fair Oaks Park and Recreational District, calling themselves the Parks District and Rocky the Rooster. The other four teams were privately owned and called themselves The Royal Flush, Hot Rod Toilet and Porcelain Princess.

Contestants create the style of their own racers. As long as the rules apply and it’s on wheels, the teams can decorate or style it however they want. Two pushers are required for stability purposes while snaking through and circling cones. Steering is based on the team’s design of their racer. No steering wheel is required, since pushers can easily work together to steer, but those who do use some form of steering wheel tend to go faster.

Before the race began, the MC and the official scorekeeper showed the contestants what was included in the race. This year contestants had to snake through five orange cones, circle one at the end of the street, and stop. Once at the end of Main Street, the pushers were given one small beach ball each to be blown up. Once inflated, pushers had to finish the race by carrying it between their knees.

For those interested in next year, applications for the Toilet Bowl Races are open to everyone. There is a $10 entry fee. The first, second and third fastest times receive Toilet Bowl Trophies.

For more information click here.

Contestants lined the street before and after the race in order to be announced to the crowd and for the awards ceremony.

Parks and Recreation District Team #1. Rider: Sabrina Bernardo, 27. Pushers: Ian Roberts, 24, and Katy Albers, 30.
It wasn’t easy for any of the pushers to blow a ball up after running the length of the street pushing a toilet racer.
Every pusher had trouble running the last stretch with a beach ball between their legs, but everyone had a smile on their faces.
Parks and Recreation District Team #2: Rocky the Rooster is the driver. Pushers are Nick Martinez, 32, and Eddy Wyre, 25.

Racers waiting for their turn behind the start and finish line.
This toilet racer had a slight malfunction, which sent the rider (the pushers were also drivers in this case) flying backward.
Hot Rod Toilet takes off! Rider: Amanda Woods, 18. Pushers: Ben Strange, 28, and Charity Strange, 20.
The two women in the golf cart are holding a package filled with small beach balls. They will hand one beach ball to each pusher

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