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What I learned at SactoMoFo

I went to SactoMoFo because it was an extra credit assignment for my English Composition class. I had heard of it but it wasn’t something I really would have went to. But, it was worth up to an extra 100 points and it got me out of class early. So, my cousin, her boyfriend, and myself decided we would go.
It was not what I expected. I thought it was going to be more of a Farmer’s Market type thing. But, instead it was more of a "roach coach" extravaganza. Personally, I don’t eat from mobile food trucks. But, that’s becasue I’m super picky & have food issues. I must admit though I had no idea there were so many different mobile food vendors. Some from places I would actually eat from. I honestly no longer conseider mobile food vendors "roach coaches." Though I will still probably continuee to call them that because it’s just how I’ve always referred to them.
I learned some very interesting information that I didn’t know about mobile food vendors. First being that there were so many different places that had mobile food trucks, as I had aleady mentioned. Another was that they are only allowed to stay in one spot for 30 minutes at a time. Now this, I think, is kind of stupid. Yes, they are "mobile food trucks" so yes, they shoulde be mobile. But, they are mobile because not everyone is capable of getting out at lunch to go to a restaurant or fast food place, pick up some food, eat it, and be back in time for lunch. Especially people that work in areas that are remote. So, why not allow mobile food trucks to come to them? Some people are only allowed a 30 minute lunch. And, I know, from personal experience, that sometimes some people don’t even always get that much, due to deadlines or other reasons. So, the mobile food vendor sitting in the parking lot is an awesome way for them to run out, get their food and eat it, without ever really having to leave their job. How convenient is that? Being that mobile food trucks are already going to businesses and doing just that, they don’t go to all the parking lots and offer this. Obviously, this is pretty impossible, I understand. But, I think they should make a survey or some type of thing to send to businesses and see if this is something their employees would benefit from. If not then they would know not to waste their time going there and going, instead, to somewhere they would be useful. Now with that though is 30 minutes enough time at one spot? That would depend on the amount of people ordering food. If it’s a place of business that has tons of employees that would be buying their food from them then 30 minutes may not be enough time to get to everyone, same thing if it’s a place where their are mulitple business all together. Also, not everyone at everyone business takes their lunch at the same time. A lot of companies now are scattering their employee’s lunches so that their is always someone available to maintain the business. So, in those cases 30 minutes definately wouldn’t be enough time.
Another that was brought to my attention was that there is nowhere for mobile food vendors to permanently post. I understand that they are "mobile food trucks" and the key word is "mobile" obviusly. But, what if I’m out spending the day at the park with my kids or shopping with some girlfreinds or whatever and I’m really craving something. The same thing I had for lunch the other day from the mobile food truck and I want my kids or friend to try it? I should be able to go to that mobile food truck and order it. I do not think there should be a mobile food truck on every couple as there are McDonald’s or Subways or Jack In The Boxes, but why not have a few available at all times? Or why not every weekend there be an event such as SactoMoFo? But instead of an "event" it just be a place where all the mobile food vendors go so the people can come to them?
I did not personally eat anything while I was at SactoMoFo even once I realized there were some vendors I would eat from. The reason I did not eat was because the lines were way too long and it was way too hot outside. But, even though I did not eat anything, I did gain information, which is always important. And I did change my mind about mobile food trucks. So, next time I’m somewhere there is one I may just be more willing to stop and check it out.
"It’s a great food festival that promotes mobile food vendors in the Sacramento region." – Jeanie Hong
"This is a great event and my second year coming. I will come next year again if they have it." – Alicia A.

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