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Fairytale Town’s “Alice in Boogie Wonderland”

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The original “Alice in Wonderland” story took place in a strange, nonsensical world. Fairytale Town’s musical version ratchets up the wackiness level by adding a campy disco theme. Talking animals and quirky queens boogie to disco hits from the 1970s while Alice tries to find her way home.

The Fairytale Town Troupers opened their fifth season this weekend with “Alice in Boogie Wonderland,” written and directed by John E. Lee. The Elly-award winning troupe offers a theater arts program for actors from ages 5 through 21. Beginners are paired with veterans to learn how to produce live theater.

Colorful costumes and dancing brought energy to the “Alice in Boogie Wonderland” opening performance. The White Rabbit character was played with a Jersey accent and urban attitude while a trio of Queens delighted with their imperiousness. The Queen of Heart’s diminutive consort amused the audience with his cries of “off with her head!” at the slightest provocation.

At times, the dialogue and storyline were confusing, but in such a fanciful story, it’s hard to tell how much of the confusion was intentional. The performance was riddled with puns and references to disco lyrics that brought chuckles from the adults in the audience. One patron who attended the rehearsals said that she has been enjoying the humor of the play for weeks and noted, “I had to hear the play many times to catch all the jokes.”

Towards the end of the 30-minute show, the Queen of Clubs called for a dance-off that showcased the ensemble in its best disco fever moves. Seeing the large number of children dancing in bell bottoms, glitter and leisure suits that were popular 30 years before they were born was quite a sight.

“Alice is Boogie Wonderland” will be repeated twice daily on April 28 and 29. Later this summer, the Fairytale Town Troupers will present “Sinbad & Aladdin: The Arabian Knights” and ““A  Princess of Stars Episode 3: Return of the Trilogy!”.

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