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Retro Fashion Show at Sac State

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The Sacramento State Fashion Association (SFA) showcased a wonderful array of fashion for the “Retro Reinvention Fashion Show.” The event was held at the University Union Ballroom on Saturday, April 14.

Student designers showcased some beautiful, practical and innovative outfits. Proceeds from the event went to Shriners Hospital for Children. Shriners is one of the largest and busiest hospitals in our health care system. The hospital treats children with burns, as well as a host of orthopaedic and neuromusculoskeletal conditions and spinal cord injuries. Every member of their staff is focused on improving children’s quality of life.

Show host and Miss Africa California 2011 Fely Sita-Makaba

Fashion from 10 talented designers thrilled the audience as models walked down the runway. Each designer and model had their own supporters in the audience who did not hold back in showing their approval as their favorites came to the stage.

Minjeong Kang Assistant Professor at California State University, Sacramento welcomes guests

Lidia Mendez showed her line called “Mysterious.”  Her collection used eco friendly materials in the details of her outfits. Mendez’ use of mostly sleeveless and dark colors was complemented with silver belts and wonderful shoulder designs.

Mendez’ elegant outfits gave her collection a graceful and stylish look. Each of her designs may have appeared similar at first glance but as each model moved toward the front of the runway different details gave each outfit a unique and chic look.

Lidia Mendez’ “Mysterious” collection

Shoua Khang’s “Cupid’s Bow” collection showcased a delightful line of pink and blue stylish outfits meant for a night out on the town. Khang included elegant bows and ruffles in her collection. The colorful outfits were stylish, well designed and ready to be worn for a night out on the town.

The contemporary one and two piece outfits allowed models to show off their foot wear as most of the outfits stopped above the knee. The fashionable outfits could be described as cocktail dress wear and the elegant outfits were well received by the audience.

Shoua Khang’s collection

The Kelsey Moon collection showcased her “Optical” creations. Outfits worn by the models were mostly black and white and viewers had to look closely to see some subtle and at times not so subtle details such as an elongated collar that covered the shoulders, a see through white top that could be worn to showcase an elegant undergarment.

Moon’s exquisite outfits included a pants outfit, an elaborate pink and black garment and a couple of other alluring black and white fashionable wear.

Kelsey Moon’s “Optical” collection

Elijah Caldwell brought his “Thamani” collection to the runway with exuberance and colorful wear. Caldwell’s fashion wear is created for the young, proud and confident men in today’s society.

Thamani in Swahili means value. The goal of Thamani wear is to ensure every product they produce is of the highest value to the customer. Models showcasing the Thamani wear showed bravado as they took the stage to demonstrate colorful spring and summer wear.

Elijah Caldwell’s “Thamani” collection

Christen Brown’s line entitled “Create Society via Peace and Love” was enthusiastically received. Brown’s Creation of Society (COS) line has been growing in the past year and he continues to create outer wear for today’s youth.

Brown’s “Peace and Love” line brought several new creative designs to the stage. His fashion is created for both males and females and some of these tops are created to introduce COS’ world perspectives and to spread social consciousness and awareness to their fans. Such bold statements require bold designs and Brown delivers with his positive creations.

Christen Brown’s “Create Society via Peace and Love” collection backstage

Article Consignment styled by Jennifer Siopongco brought the “Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol” collection to the Retro Fashion Show. The very classy and retro outfits were pure delight to watch. Each outfit was accessorized with jewelry, belts, bags, foot wear and other accessories making for an elegant and well-designed show.

A photo of Edie Sedgwick graced an oversized bag carried by one of the models and homage was paid to the actress within the collection put together by Siopongco. Other bags included classic Warhol art and photos of the two celebrities. The ‘60s and Warhol look were exemplified by several of the outfits and sun glasses worn by male models ala Andy Warhol.

Article Consignment Boutique styled by Jennifer Siopongco backstage

Allison Mora’s “Classic Hollywood” was inspired by the glamour and style of the 1950s and ‘60s Hollywood actresses. The glamour of the outfits was not subdued and lived up to the Hollywood fashion of acclaimed actresses of the time.

Mora’s outfits solicited images of Hollywood celebrities elegantly walking the red carpet in long elegant skirts, dresses and gowns. Mora’s choice of black and gold outfits gave her collection a classic and stylish flair.

Images of Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn wearing enticing gowns, glimmery gold dresses and classic Hollywood sun glasses came to mind as Mora’s collection was displayed.

Allison Mora’s “Classic Hollywood” collection

Joycelynn Brown owner and designer at Kennie’s Doll introduced her “Summer” ‘70s inspired vacation wear. The “Summer” collection introduced very colorful and elegant styles. Colors ranged from shades of salmon, mustard cream and brown. Floral patters were also very noticeable in Brown’s outfits.

Prominent hairdos were very noticeable in a couple of the models giving them a very Retro look.

Outfit from Joycelynn Brown’s “Summer” collection backstage

One of Brown’s stunning designs, and one of my favorites, was the outfit she wore. When she came on-stage an image of the eternal Josephine Baker came to mind. The blue and white outfit was very attractive and stylish and was capped with a yellow flower on her hair.

Fiona Lau’s “Gaffe Set #1” was a collection inspired by punk and ‘80s glam rock. Lau is not only a designer but she also serves as SFA’s Vice President. Her collection was created using swatch fabric found at her grandma’s sewing room.

Lau tried to inspire fun while maintaining class and edge along the way. Her outfits incited images of early Madonna and Pat Benatar. Some of Lau’s sassy outfits also showed her creative style in the patterns and color she used.

The name Gaffe Set 1, according to Lau, literally means error or mistake. She’s quoted as saying “In doing this collection and researching, I have come to realize that as a designer you grow through your mistakes.”

Fiona Lau’s “Gaffe Set #1” collection

SFA President and designer Tamika Bellamy was the last presenter of the evening. Bellamy’s collection “Hello Sixties” was inspired by Hello Kitty. Her pre-teen girls’ collection brought bright colors to her outfits and head pieces.

Bellamy used several family members to model her line. The collection included colorful spring and summer outfits from her Tiana Mae Couture line. Bellamy’s children collection was a nice departure from the other lines and showed her creative flair.

Tamika Bellamy’s “Hello Sixties” collection

The Retro Reinvention Fashion Show showcased wonderful fashion designs and sophistication from the many SFA designers. The talent exhibited through the evening was commendable and showed many colorful, elegant and creative designs.

Retro Reinvention Fashion Show during a break

The Retro collections exhibited during the evening showed that retro styles are always in. SFA has to be commended for putting together a great vintage fashion event that showcased wonderful up and coming talent.


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