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An evening of art and fashion

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Several art galleries throughout Sacramento hold monthly artist receptions usually on the Thursday before their respective Second Saturday Art Walk. During this time guests can attend gallery receptions and enjoy intimate conversations with artists.

Sol Collective, in celebration of its 7th anniversary, is hosting the work of several artists. An opening reception was held on Friday March 9.

Shaun Burner production at Sol Collective’s Sol7 art reception

Art by Shaun Burner, Jose Di Gregorio, Dana Iske, Miguel Perez, Trent Liddicoat, Carson McWhirter, and Trisha Rhomberg will be on exhibition at Sol Collective until April 14.

Sol Collective’s Sol7 art reception

Sol 7 is the first art exhibition of the year at Sol Collective and features an exhibition consisting of various styles and media. Several of the artists were on hand during Friday’s artist reception.

One of the artists at the reception was Trent Liddicoat who had four of his pieces on exhibition. When asked how long he’s been showing his art Liddicoat said, “Publicly I’ve been showing my work for two years now. I’ve been doing art my whole life but publicly I’ve been doing this for the last couple of years.

The Rio Linda artist said that he had been a volunteer at Sol’s Del Paso site when they occupied that spot. Liddicoat said, “I volunteered a little bit. I was later told that they didn’t need me volunteering and they gave me the opportunity to work on my art. I had a show at Sol Collective last year when Estella (Sanchez) asked me to come back as part of the art community.”

Liddicoat is also serving as the current curator of this month’s art exhibition and said that he’s also had exhibits at other places

When asked how long it takes him to complete a piece of art Liddicoat said, “I’m a conceptual artist so a lot of time is spent planning and brain storming to find a concept and then I work off of that. I work on multiple pieces at once so I don’t know exactly how long each piece takes.”

Trent Liddicoat art at Sol Collective’s Sol7 art reception

When asked who or what his inspiration for his work is Liddicoat said, “Honestly my community and friends are a crucial component of my work. Local artists and friends in Portland have also influenced my creativity.”

The current art exhibition can be seen on Tuesdays and Thursdays from noon to 6. The exhibit runs from March 9 and ends with a closing reception on April 14.



On this same evening photographer Nicholas Wray in collaboration with Designing Dreams held an exclusive viewing of the 2011 Designing Dreams Fashion Show. The viewing brought together clientele from Sacramento’s fashion industry to view a video production of last year’s Designing Dreams show.

The event also showcased the new studio Wray is expanding to. The move into a new studio was in part made possible by contributors to Wray’s Kickstarter Studio Project. The studio is located at 1011 10th Street. The studio’s entrance is at the alley below the old bank building across from Broadstone Café.

During Second Saturday Wray also hosted an open house where portraits of Kickstarter contributors were taken.

Nicholas Wray studio

Tiana Vega Collection and Designing Dreams creators Tiana Vega and Dave Icarangal were also on hand to talk about the 2012 Designing Dreams Fashion Show. Melissa Kay and Samuel Parkinson two of last year’s designers who participated in the 2011 Designing Dreams Fashion Show were also in attendance.

Dave Icarangal and Nicholas Wray

In preparation for the 2012 Designing Dreams Fashion Show Icarangal noted that things are still in the planning stage. They’re hard at work looking to secure sponsorships for the show. Although the show is still being planned Icarangal noted that they need to meet their goal of finding enough sponsors before the show is actually scheduled so much of the planning depends on getting proper funding.

Icarangal also noted that they realize the need for a marketing tool to show prospective sponsors  what goes into the program and the outcome. Icarangal said, “We saw the need for a marketing piece and the resulting video will show what went into creating the fashion show. We didn’t have this type of tool last year, we had a video last year but it wasn’t a great video. This year we’re starting off with both video and photography samples in place. A great video will show the production value of being involved in the event and hope potential sponsors see that as well.”

I sat down with Tiana Vega to catch up on her designs and to see what she’s been working on. Vega brought a small sample of her designs to Friday’s viewing.

Tiana Vega collection sample

The last time I spoke to the talented designer she waslooking at moving to Los Angeles but still has strong ties to Sacramento. Vega said, “Right now we’re going back and forth. We’re kind of set on making the move to L.A. perhaps in September. Dave (Icarangal) and I were talking about Designing Dreams and whether to keep it or not. When we first talked about Designing Dreams we talked about it being a mobile thing doing it in Sacramento, L.A. and New York. Now I think it’s only fair to keep the event in one place even if we move to L.A. We’d like to keep it stable and still come back and do it every August.”

As we talked about last year’s show Tiana pointed out that the show became very expensive she said, “We tried to think of a strategic way to plan it. The first year we planned everything out perfectly and things worked out then last year I feel we tried to rush things. I feel we tried to make things work out. The show turned out beautifully and I think what hurt me about the show is that I felt we didn’t raise enough for Jen (Jennifer Richards) and for Sweet Dreams. This year Dave and I have a pact that we want to try to raise enough money by a certain time. As long as we hit our deadlines I think we’ll be on track.”

Dave Icarangal, Tiana Vega and Jennifer Richards

Indeed the Designing Dreams Fashion Shows have given many designers, models, promoters, photographers and fashionistas a spotlight in the California fashion industry. The show has become a spectacle for the fashion industry and the show continues to be a place where Bay area and Sacramento collaborations take place.

Designing Dreams has brought upcoming and established designers to work together. Vega stated, “I feel that we’ve brought designers together that have made an impact. I feel that the two shows we’ve had so far were well done, I’m very proud of both productions. The shows have turned out beautifully we’ve had almost a thousand people attend each year. I’m not Coco Chanel I’m not one of these people who are well known but I know I have the support from Sacramento and neighboring cities that come and support the other designers.”

Guest getting ready to watch the exclusive showing of the 2011 Designing Dreams Fashion Show

As I listened to Vega talk I couldn’t help but admire her tenacity and passion for what she does. Quietly she has made a difference in Sacramento’s fashion industry and her compassion makes those that know her see the beauty within that shows itself in kindness that she has for others.

Her passion is constant and in describing this year’s Designing Dreams she said, “I’m very excited for the show this year. I’ve been watching a lot of movies and trying to get inspiration from these. I’ve been intrigued by several Tim Burton films. It’s funny because my designs are very classy and elegant, but I want to put a twist on it by using Tim Burton as an inspiration. I want to play with the runway and play with my designs and make this show a show that will be something fun for children and whoever comes to the show I’m sure will enjoy the performance.”

Guests at Nicholas Wray photo studio

The last question I posed for Vega was to ask about her involvement with Sweet Dreams. Vega said, “I put my heart into a lot of things that I do and one thing that kind of upset me when I came back from L.A, is that everyone seemed to be doing things for themselves and not giving back to the community. When I was younger my parents had a hard time paying medical bills for my brother because he was in and out of the hospital 16 times with pneumonia and they were spending a lot of money for this. I understood at a young age that not everyone can afford to be dealing with medical conditions that costs a lot of money. To give back to these children that Sweet Dreams selects makes me feel better to know who the family is and get to know them instead of just writing out a check and with this charity we’re able to meet the children and people working with Sweet Dreams.

Vega ended by saying, “I feel that Sacramento does not need to be selfish. I think that everything you do should be to help people not just yourself. For me it’s very personal.”

Vega’s sincerity and passion are important elements needed to accomplish whatever she puts her mind to whether it’s a cause, her profession or life her excitement and commitment to help others are very apparent and commendable.

As the showing of the 2011 Designing Dreams Fashion Show was played it became apparent that this would be a great marketing tool. Wray, Vega and Icarangal did a great job putting the video together. With the support of special guests in attendance and others the 2012 Designing Dreams will soon be underway.

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