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St. Baldrick’s Foundation fundraiser at de Vere’s Irish Pub

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In an effort to help children diagnosed with cancer, the St. Baldrick’s Foundation kicked off its 2012 Sacramento St. Baldrick’s fundraising event on Monday.

About 185 people volunteered to have their heads shaven in an effort to raise funds for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. The event, held to raise funds for childhood cancer research, took place at Sacramento’s de Vere’s Irish Pub. Family and friends showed up to support the shavees, de Vere’s and the Foundation.

St. Baldrick’s at de Vere’s

Over 200 events have already taken place and another 780 events have been scheduled in March. The St. Baldrick’s Foundation indicates there will be over 30,000 registered volunteers who will have their head shaven worldwide.

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation indicates over $28.3 million was raised last year and they hope to raise more this year. The Foundation has raised more money for childhood cancer research grants than any organization other than the U.S. government. Here in Sacramento volunteers for this year raised $121,208 at the de Vere’s event.

Children and adults who volunteered to have their heads shaven sat at stations where Supercuts personnel shaved heads one after another for several hours. Many people who participated last year returned. Besides individual volunteers, 24 teams signed up.

St. Baldrick’s at de Vere’s

One of the co-owners of de Vere’s, Henry de Vere White, was on hand to kick off the event.

“Thank you all for coming here today. Let me start by saying that we’ve already beaten last year’s fundraising event so that’s awesome. We have more people who have signed up to be shaved this year and we have another round in Davis on Thursday so there’s still time to donate. We want to thank all of you who went out and had your friends and family donate and it’s an amazing gift we give by doing this. Thank you from our family.”

Robyn Rafael, from team Rafael Memorial, had two plaques to give out. One went to White and another was given to Jason Alonso, who again donned a green Mohawk. After the plaques were given White said, “Let the shaving begin!”

St. Baldrick’s at de Vere’s with Henry de Vere White, Robyn Rafael and Jason Alonso

Team members raised $84,030. With 49 members volunteering to have their heads shaven, the Sactown Baldies raised more than any other team with $33,251.89.

A friendly Battle of the Pubs between the Sacramento and Davis de Vere’s Irish Pubs also helps raise funds. The Davis pub will have their event on March 15 and we will have to wait until then to see which of the two pubs raises the most money.

St. Baldrick’s at de Vere’s

As teams compete to raise money, it is important to remember the focus, Childhood Cancer Research. Many people have lost loved ones to cancer and the millions raised throughout the world is a reminder of how devastating cancer is and how in one way or another it has affected almost everyone.

St. Baldrick’s at de Vere’s

Dora Weaver was on hand to support two family members who volunteered their golden locks for the event.

“I was diagnosed with cervical cancer three years ago and my family has never been closer. Medication and operations have helped and although I still have to be checked on a regular basis, things have improved. My family makes a conscious effort to educate themselves on the disease and they volunteer at different organizations and events to share their knowledge and experience, and needless to say I am very proud of them,” said Weaver.

St. Baldrick’s at de Vere’s

With head-shaving and other fundraising events, this volunteer-driven charity continues to annually raise millions in funds for childhood cancer research. St. Baldrick’s has many volunteer opportunities organizing events, and involving business organizations. Volunteers are also needed to share their childhood cancer stories and becoming advocates.

St. Baldrick’s at de Vere’s

Many more fundraising events will take place throughout the year and donations can be given year-round. Donations can also be made online or by phone or mail. More information can be found on their website.

(Note: more photos from the event can be found at www.dalvarezphoto.com)

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