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Young Leaders on the Metro Edge

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The Park Ultra Lounge on Thursday was standing room only with more than three hundred fifty young leaders converging for one mighty night on the town at the 2nd Annual Young Leaders connect sponsored by Metro Edge.

There are no strangers – just bright engaging people out for a typical happy hour. While there was the usual attendance of capitol state workers, lawyers, financial analysts, and lobbying professionals, the company also included teachers, engineers, and cattle ranchers grazing from as far as Lodi and Rio Vista.

You’ve heard of the “six degrees of separation” theory, right? Pick anyone on the planet, and chances are you already know them through no more than six acquaintances. Nowhere is this theory truer than now.

"As the Sacramento economy picks up and recent graduates pound the pavement for their dream job, the key to finding the right fit is face to face networking. The edge provides the avenue to do that." says Jason Andalora, project manager at University of Phoenix.

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