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The’ Wizard’ of Sacramento

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There is a new wizard in town! A wizard who loves gardening, planting and designing art on clothing, for all to see.

This is ‘The Wizards’ story…

J: Tell us a little bit about yourself?

W: My boyfriend and I have been in love for over seven years. We met in high school and have been joined at the hip ever since. We moved in together right out of high school. I went to college and attend Sacramento State University.. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree of science in business, entrepreneurship in 2011. My boyfriend and I have always wanted to own a business together. Now we show case all of our designs to local events in Sacramento.

We have always been passionate about our community here in Sacramento and we are both very attached to our roots. I have been volunteering with under privileged children in Sacramento for a few years now. I tutor them in an after-school program once a week.

J: Why do people call you the wizard?

W: The idea of this wizard/gnome like character came to us years ago. We created the character because we are both passionate about gardening and the healing qualities that plant life have to offer people. We thought that we could make this character and his lifestyle popular to the public through telling his story through comic books and clothing. Our character is very similar to a wizard. He wears a robe and a wizard hat. He is sort of grizzly just like one would imagine a wizard to appear. But our wizard is special. His magical powers are used to perfect cultivation with plants and perfect their potential.

J: What is your clothing line and where can we get your cloths?

W: We sale t-shirts and sweaters that come with our free comic book. We write the stories in the comic book and have local artist ‘Bruce the Spruce’ bring the story alive with his drawings.
The story in the comic book is about two laid back characters who are best friends, they have to defend their garden from bad bugs. You can check out our first issue on our web site.

J: How long have you been in business?

W: We have been in business for six months and our clothing line are in stores at, Zuhg Life downtown plaza, Funky Zone in Roseville and also Outer Limits in Sacramento. We look forward to show casing our line of clothing to several other business around Sacramento.

J: Where can we get a hold of you?

W: You can find out more about us at:

our website
 local events

About the author

Judy Raderchak

Hi everyone,
I am Judy I have lived in Sacramento all my life. I love to get in depth stories about our local talented individuals. I think it's important as a writer to share others life experiences to broaden the intellect of others and to inspire others of their own greatness. Let me, get to know you!

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