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Ettore’s Bakery hosts 4th Annual “Ettore’s Coffee Break”

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Around about 9:30ish, don’t you begin to crave a little something sweet to get you through the rest of the morning? Perhaps washed down with some hot java and accompanied by a little chit chat? If that’s you (and isn’t it all of us?!?) than it’s time to consume a few extra calories for a good cause…that’s right, you have our permission to eat sweets!!! Why? Because you’re invited to the 4th Annual:


Come join your friends and our Emcee, Ms. Kitty O’Neal, for some luscious Ettore pastries and Peerless coffee, enjoy the Big Band Sounds of the Rotary Rooters, hear John & Morgan Finegan sing “Sugar, Sugar” and witness the first ever Strawberry Dipping & Decorating contest (be careful of flying chocolate!) Check out the competition:

The Strawberry Boys:
Cortez Quinn…Donald Terry…Jose Hermocillo…Sam Starks

The Strawberry Girls
Mary Rotelli…Alice Perez…Rita Ruecker…Elfrena Foord…

It’s a "berry" interesting way to make some "dough"! But it’s all for a wonderful cause – the Youth Development Network (YDN). Since 2001, YDN has provided training programs,networking and public policy efforts to improve the quality of youth services in our region. With YDN’s help, youth are achieving personal and academic success, have a positive vision of their future and grow up to be healthy, productive and civic-minded adults. (Please visit their website at www.ydnetwork.org for additional information.) This year, there are more youth than ever that need the support of YDN – and YDN needs your support. 

So join us on February 29th from 9:30am-11:00am at the Elks Building Ballroom, 921 11th Street, 2nd Floor – tickets are only $35 (go to www.ydnetwork.org to purchase – such a deal!)  

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