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A living project: Sac Railyards Photo Essay

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Every time I visit the Railyards it’s as if the earth there itself is churning, a breathing organism. Soil is moved, smoothed over and relocated again. Ditches are dug, tunnels are built and pathways begin to take some semblance. Because I come to the site every few months or so, it’s a surprise every time.

The tunnels, which are taking shape for future pedestrians stand now as cold, hard bored out portions of the ground. Aluminum scaffolding peppers the inside, creating a metal web of sorts for workers. In the future, they may be bustling veins with foot traffic and the sounds of the masses.

Rail signals have also sprouted between the 5th and 6th Street Bridges, waiting for their trains to direct.

Passenger platforms appear as centipedes, with reinforcement bar sticking out of the side, waiting to be chopped off. I myself, along with others, cannot wait to see what happens next.

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