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Smile – a record review

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It is a new found love and great privilege to be asked by an artist to write about their craft, their love, their product, and their passion. I approach the task with great seriousness and with much study and contemplation so that my product – my writing – will convey to you the reader, an informative and pleasurable read.

It has been my honor to have spent several recent evenings listening to the new CD by David Rosales titled Smile. David is a gifted songwriter and vocalist. His vocal stylings on Smile are reminiscent of Johnny Cash blended with that familiar touch of Jim Morrison that fans of Silent Treatment (David’s straight-up rock band) are so incredibly turned on by. Smile could be labeled "Americana/Folk" – a compelling blend of David’s rich voice and music that reaches into the depths of life, loss, and love. It is indeed a deeply personal offering, and David wisely chose collaborators who would let the beauty of his heartfelt lyrics shine through the simple yet significant backdrop created by the talented musicians enlisted to create this record. In particular, the piano and guitar chords on

"Kiss Me"
"Key to My Heart" serve as a musical cloud for the lyrics of love and devotion to drift leisurely upon. Other

"Kiss Me"
"Key to My Heartcontributors include Olivia May on vocals; her pretty, floaty voice adds sweetness to the emotionally charged fourth track. In contrast, simple acoustic guitar underlines the pure romance of the song, "Wedding Day". The title track "Smile" plays homage to the memories that, no matter how far in the distance, can make us smile – I imagine David sitting on his surf-board out in the Pacific, where waves and memories wash over him, looking towards the shore with a peaceful, loving smile on his face. The first song, "Ponderosa Pine" is a picturesque analogy of a timeless love that grows solid and strong. It is reminiscent of an old-school country song complete with loneliness, earnest proclamations of love, and begged-for forgiveness. Overall, David Rosales has created a musical tome to be enjoyed and savored; like a fine whiskey poured slowly over ice, it slides over the senses and warms the heart.

Don’t miss David Rosales this Friday, February 24th at Luna’s in Sacramento.


Smile is available at http://davidrosales.bandcamp.com, and on iTunes and Amazon.com
All Songs Written by David Rosales
Produced by Mark Renk
When The Rose Bells Ring Music (ASCAP)
Photos by Dori Savino Lawrence
David Rosales – Vocals + Guitar
Mark Renk – Piano + Percussion
Steve Abel – Bass Guitar
Olivia May – Vocals
Vern Monnett – Pedal Steel + Dobro
Phillip Peterson – Cello
Kevin Chown – Upright Bass
Zac Rae – Organ
Jeff Kollman – Nylon String Guitar

For more information:
– SoundCloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/DavidRosalesMusic
– Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DavidRosalesMusic
– Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/DRosales

Editor’s note:  Corrections were made to a song title in this article after publication.

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