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Mardi Gras in Sac, Better Every Year

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I have fun venturing out amongst crowds of people I don’t know. It’s a fun-behind-the-lens-interaction experience.

For the third year of Mardi Gras in Sac I was once again on a mission. It did tske patience finding a parking spot in Old Sac – lots of folks were out looking for fun. Some were costumed up. 

My camera started clicking around 8pm in Old Sac:

Lively crowd in Fat City.

YESTERDAYS NEWS BAND kept folks dancing.

Headed east to the Sutter District and found things were starting to get interesting from 10pm on:

Centro on J St in the Sutter District
I was treated especially nice by the young man, far left in photo above, at the entrance to Centro.

More Mardi Gras fans kept on a’ coming.

Everyone loves the women in stilts!
And this acrobatic women was great!
Hard to keep up with the crowd!
This gang was hamming it up!

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