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Ask Officer Michelle – How To Get Money Back From Closed Spa

Posted by Shari

Zen Spa on H Street has closed. We still have an open account there and would like to get this money back. How can we do that. I phoned and message line is full. I have no telephone numbers of persons who worked there and on the web there is no place to contact this closed business. Please give me some direction in obtaining a refund of the money that hasn’t been used.

Dear Shari,

What you have is a civil issue. If you can’t get a hold of anyone affiliated with the spa, or they refuse to refund you, you could contact the Better Business Bureau and the Department of Consumer Affairs. The Department of Consumer Affairs sometimes has the name of the business owner who requested the license. You can start a search through public records for an address to send a letter. I also found another number you may want to try. Call 475-1224. It was an automated voice telling me to leave a message after the beep. Just a side note, the Zen Spa in Roseville said that they weren’t affiliated with the one downtown. Good luck.

Officer Michelle

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